5 Tips for Transplanting in Hot Weather

Abundant crops begin with seedlings that grow steadily onwards, with no growth checks. Transplanting is a key part of the operation! Thing is, most of the crops we’re planting in […]

February in the Vegie Patch + Greenhouse

The thing is to match what you plant and sow in your vegie patch this month, to the season that you are having. If its roasting hot and dry you’d be smart to delay the planting of your carrots and winter brassicas for instance.

February Fruit Tree To Do List

Fruit trees are peaking! I hope the grass and herbal ley are thigh high and you’re revelling in surround sound fruit – late plums, pears, apples and oh so peachy. […]

OM is Your Gardens Guardian Angel

Gathering organic matter (OM for short), is your best ever garden habit! With a variety of ready to use matter at hand, you are only 10minutes away from creating a […]

How to Summer Prune Stonefruit

Plums, Apricots, Peaches, Nectarines, Almonds and Cherries are all stonefruit and best pruned in summer when they finish fruiting. There’s a few good reasons to prune them now rather than winter.

5 Golden Pruning Rules

Hold light at the fore front as you prune. Light inspires fresh new shoots, ripens fruits, and where light shines – air flows, which is just what the doctor ordered […]