Job Vacancy: Edible Backyard

The position is now filled – thank you! I need an extra pair of hands for 6 hours a week. Nothing glamourous – just the plain jane, nuts and bolts stuff like weeding, mulching, picking up pig poop, cleaning out the chookhouse, collecting sawdust from the mill, weedeating, liquid feeding, biological sprays – that kind […]

November In The Vegie Patch

Await the perfect planting moment Where the soil and air temperature meets the temperature needs of your crop = your sweet spot of abundance. Hold out for these 2 things to collide my friends, and boom! you’ve got your grow on. The soil in my outside vegie patch has only just landed on 15 degrees. […]

How to Grow Shell-out Beans

Shell-out beans are the beans you grow for seed to use in soups and stews. They are such a star crop! Input to output ratio swings firmly in the output camp. Productive in a little space, demand little from the soil, are a good value vegetable protein and require no preserving at all – just […]

Coping with Green Vegetable Bugs

The Importance of the Right Name When learning about a pest, begin your journey by finding out it’s scientific name. The bug I’m ruminating on today is the Green Vegetable Bug Nezara Viridula, also called green vegetable beetle, stink bug or shield bug. These other names bring you to an array of bugs, not necessarily Nezara […]

How To Thin Fruit (And Why You Need To)

Removing excess fruit from an over-burdened tree rewards you with a more robust tree and better fruit (this year and next).  From mid-spring on keep an eye on your fruit trees and thin heavily loaded trees as fruits reach marble size. Because Steady is Good Thinning is removing extras to improve the remainder. And it […]

Slow and Steady November

Little and often plantings bring a little and often harvest. So useful for keeping bellies full in the most nourishing of ways. And nicely doable for the gardener. The benefits stretch out to the kitchen where little and often preserving (as opposed to massive autumn missions), makes for a great variety of pickles and a […]