June In The Vegie Patch + Greenhouse

I’m not the only one who loves winter. Garlic, onions, all the brassica’s, chard, endive, parsley and all manner of leafy greens love winter too. Salads and beetroot survive it, […]

Pruning 101: Thinning Cuts + Heading Cuts

Understanding the difference between thinning cuts and heading cuts will transform your pruning life. What a difference to the productivity and health of your fruit trees when you give up […]

June’s Fruit Tree To-Do List

As the leaves begin to fall from our deciduous fruit trees, a few timely jobs rise to the surface. Time to Mulch Nature shows us its time to mulch! Leave […]

How To Prune Feijoas

Excerpt from my little pruning book ” Pruning Fruit Trees: A Beginners Guide“ If you prune your feijoa annually – you’ll find there’s not much to do. A lovely, feet […]

June in the Vegie Patch and Transformational Pruning Tips!

This month I’m taking you back to pruning basics, diving into the two cuts that underpin every prune – Pruning 101: Thinning Cuts + Heading Cuts. I’m excited! And so […]

May in the Vegie Patch, Prep Asparagus for Spring + Manure 101

It’s easy when its cold out, to ignore your vegie patch. I mean, plants don’t need watering at this time of year do they? The answer, my friends, is unique […]