The Shellout Bean Harvest + A Comforting Bean Stew

The shellout beans are harvested and dried. Those jars of pretty beans in the pantry are my most satisfying preserve. From an easy to grow, harvest + preserve crop comes a very meaningful store of fibre and protein. Have a go next year, you wont be disappointed. A comforting bean stew This is yum. Such […]

Boost Citrus + Prep for New Citrus Trees

A bit of love and attention directed at citrus trees right now, supports new fruits to turn into glorious adult fruits. Soil, water, feed + mulch Check in with the soil beneath. If its dry, give a lovely soak with water until it’s perfectly moist. Spread a fine layer of compost then dollop vermicastings, seaweed […]

April In The Vegie Patch

Keep January planted beans, zucchini, tomatoes and cucumbers crops jogging along with a daily harvest – don’t let energy get wasted on the big old bean at the bottom! A daily harvest keeps fresh flowers coming on. Trimming off old leaves also does wonders. Get new crops going at their feet. Whip out any crops […]

Testing Apples For Ripeness + A Super Helpful Calendar

One of my most asked questions is “How do I know when apples/plums/ pears are ripe?” I remember wondering that too. The realisation that harvesting required as much knowledge as growing dawned the day I harvested a whole tree of apples in a rush of excitement because they were red. What a let down when […]

Autumn crops, Citrus care + Comfort stew

Though this crazy, horrible time is unsettling, its woken the world up to what you and I have always known – a well-supplied home food garden is the very essence of health + home. No packaging, no damn sterilising. Nourishment plus and food full of love. While I’ve always treasured my garden, my appreciation for […]

Time Out

I am shutting up shop for the next few months. Those of you booked in for consults, workshops and tours have by now received the news. Thank you all for your understanding. We are blessed here in NZ with a small window to act based on what China and Italy have learned the hard way. […]