April In The Vegie Patch

Keep January-planted bean, zucchini, tomato and cucumber crops jogging along with a daily harvest. Don’t let energy get wasted on the big old bean at the bottom! Though growth is slowing right down and quality of fruits perhaps as well, its worth it to squeeze more crops out of them. At least until the next […]

April In The Greenhouse

The greenhouse soil has worked hard in the summer heat, and needs a bit of love before planting the next lot of crops out. Create space in the greenhouse There’s no need to pull summer crops out – if they’re still producing leave them in and pave the way for the new by freeing up […]

Consults Are Back!

You’ve been so patient while you waited for me to finish my book – and here I am – happy as a clam to be out from the computer and ready to help you set up a brilliant food garden, or trouble shoot an existing one – whatever you need. I’m no longer travelling to […]

Boost Your Fruit Trees This Autumn

Leaves are turning gold and starting to fall, marking the end of a cycle of growth and the beginning of another as the leaf donates its goodness back to earth. All those tiny openings left by detached leaves makes it a prime time to get a biological (or copper if fungal infections persist), spray on. […]

April in the Vegie Patch + Greenhouse, Boost Fruit Trees + Consults are back!

As a lovely antidote to all the autumn pests, focus instead on the beneficial ones. Dragonflies, ladybugs and bees are the most obvious. Wasps predate caterpillars, and while that’s sad for monarchs, its great for cabbage whites. (Nothing in nature is good or bad, it just is what it is). Find out what a lacewing, […]

Cheat’s Compost

I don’t always keep up with compost making. There’s many a moment when I have crops ready to plant but no compost to hand. In which case, I whip around the garden and creatively rustle up some soil food, or cheats compost as I affectionately call it. Its moment like these you need handy stashes […]