Magic Beans: Help Create this Cool App!

Check out this awesome app called Magic Beans – I love it! Its the vision of 2 Hawkes Bay women – Sarah and Anneliese, who believe that everyone has the right to fresh, healthy food that doesn’t cost the earth. Which is exactly what you + I are all about at Edible Backyard. Because we […]

What to Do About Leaf Curl

Leaf curl will be showing up in your stonefruit about now – spring being the time when fungus comes out to play. Here’s my all round approach to managing fungi. It’s too late to copper now. Tuck it away until the next key moment which is at leaf fall, and instead give it a power […]

October In The Vegie Patch

Around about now, spring planted seedlings start to grow that little bit faster as the soil and air slowly warms and it all gets pretty exciting. Do your best to keep your head and don’t rush into planting summery stuff on the first fine day. Wait patiently for conditions to be right. There’s really no […]

Plant Citrus, Prune Tamarillos + Feed Fruit Trees

Citrus and Subtropical Planting Time is Here! Years ago, I read an article by Russel Fransham from Subtropica that advocated delaying planting of citrus and subtropicals until after risk of frost had passed. This made so much sense to me. Citrus hate the cold. Especially in that vulnerable new plant phase. It’s better they flourish […]

OM is Your Guardian Angel

With a stash of rotten, organic matter (OM) to hand, you can easily make your own seed raising mix and continue to feed your garden no matter what happens in the world outside your gate. OM is your guardian angel. Thing is, you need to get ahead of yourself because it takes time for organic […]

Resist Labour Day Tomatoes, Sow a Living Mulch Instead!

Game on! It’s the great summer-crop wait out. Are you feeling strong enough to resist planting tomatoes? Can you hold off on planting pumpkin and courgette seedlings another week or so? Last nights low was 6 degrees and my soil is only 14 degrees! Far too chill for these heat lovers … I’ve got a […]