My top 3 winter greens + how to grow them

Eating a daily dose of fresh, picked greens through winter is my recipe for wellness. And wellness is my wish for everyone – especially this winter when being hale + hearty is more important then ever. Thing is, you need to get planting this weekend in order to have greens to eat once the cold […]

March In The Vegie Patch

Clear starry nights, cool, dewy mornings and that special golden hue in the evening sky are all signs that Autumn is moving in. Those cool mornings and nights slowly begin to cool the soil, which in turn slows soil life + plant growth. May plantings take much longer to mature than April plantings, taking longer […]

Boozy, roasted stonefruit

Such a yum dessert and always popular with visitors who without fail want to know how to make it. You’d think such deliciousness was tricky, but this dessert is super quick to cobble together. Make it in the morning and leave the fruits to macerate in those yummy slightly boozy juices all day. The recipe […]

How to repair dry, tuckered out soil

Keeping soil moist through summer is not about litres and litres of water. It’s a team effort of grunty homemade compost, little and often watering, being weedfree, planting in guilds and at all times keeping the soil covered with mulch or a living mulch. All these things come together so that even when it doesn’t […]

How to make liquid feed

Making all my own liquid feed and not buying any in has been a goal of mine for at least 5 years. I’ve been so wishy-washy about it!… This is the year to get committed so that another plastic container bites the dust. There’s no excuse really cos it only takes me 15 minutes a […]

Repairing tired autumn soil + Growing a winter bounty

Keeping soil in good heart is tough when water has been sparse. By March, soil can be beaten and bruised making it tricky to get hungry winter brassicas planted out. Learning how to keep soil in good nick is the main part of our gardening journey. It takes time! So don’t beat yourself up if […]