November in the Vegie Patch + My “Start A New Garden” Guide

Exciting news! Anna and I have finished my free guide: “Step-by-Step to Starting a New Garden”. It’s been in process for ages, so I’m really happy its here, to help […]

Simple Solutions For Too Much Water

Drainage is absolutely key for plant health. Our crops must have oxygenated soil to be at peak performance. Water displaces air, you see, so if your soil is soggy, it […]

October In The Vegie Patch + Greenhouse

The October vegie patch is pretty dam exciting with seedling raising in full swing and crops boosting away in the warming soil and air. Do your best to keep your […]

Resist Rushing into Summer Crops! Sow a Living Mulch Instead

Game on! It’s the great summer-crop wait out! Has your garden hit the tomato, pumpkin, bean or corn planting sweet spot? If not, I’m sending you the strength to resist […]

The Perfect Soil Temperature for Seeds + Seedlings

A huge part of vegie growing success, is learning the preferred soil temperature for sowing and planting each crop. When you get this right – your crops boost away. There’s […]

October Fruit Tree To Do List

Loads to do in your food garden – both the vegie garden and fruit trees need you this month! Plan the weekends at home and get the family on board […]