October in The Vegie Patch + Leaf Curl + Citrus + Magic Beans

Its so awesome to finally have my books out in the world. What an epic mission and sharp learning curve couriering 1000 books out in one hit! I’m amazed there’s been only a few mis labelled – thankyou Kath and Matt and Kate for willing to track your books down, esp Kath for stalking her […]

September Fruit Tree To-do List

Manage height Spring is an excellent time to tame the height of deciduous fruit trees because trees respond with gentle growth. They’ve already used a chunk of energy up making blossoms and new shoots which means – joy oh joy, there’s less fuel in the tank. Use this to your advantage, and prune back trees […]

September In The Vegie Patch

September is all about greens – broccoli shoots for africa (so useful aren’t they!), cabbages, leeks, celery and leafy greens galore. Leafy greens are the best! They may not be as glamourous as a tomato or trendy as a kohlrabi, but they’re the easiest, by far and away the most nutritious and so very generous. […]

Introducing Fruit Trees 101

Thriving fruit trees and abundant harvests spring off the back of a solid set up – this is what Fruit Trees 101 is all about. In this little video course, I take you step by step through all you need to know – shelter, companion plants, spacings, choosing the varieties and rootstock wisely, planting, your […]

Secrets in the Soil: A Gorgeous Childrens Book

Janet Bradbury is an NZ author who is right on my page. She’s illustrated and written a most beautiful childrens book called “Secrets in the Soil” which though its for kids, will teach many adults who read it aloud. Healthy soil, good nutrition and good health go hand in hand: and those creatures that contribute […]

Make a Harvest Calendar

Before you buy fruit trees, make a super useful harvest calendar for a clear overview of the fruiting year. A big help in choosing varieties that stagger the harvest and spread workload. Before we map it out – lets double check you’re ready to go. Tick off the following steps and set yourself on the […]