Easy-as Alternatives to Weed Spray

Here are simple, integrated alternatives to herbicide. I hope you use these ideas at home, at school and in your community this spring and forever more. Salt Salt is the answer to your driveway weeds. No plant survives beneath a dollop of salt! Salt is also useful along hard edges, under the letterbox, along the […]

Organic Seed Raising and Potting Mix for Sale

This is my lovely niece Meg. She’s selling certified organic seed raising and potting mix in Kapiti/ Horowhenua. It’s recycled from Prana Greens. It’s been used once to grow organic microgreens in. There’s plenty of goodness left in it as the microgreens aren’t in for long and they’re not at all demanding. Meg bags it […]

October In The Vegie Patch

October is when seed raising peaks. It makes it easier, this busyness, when you know it’s just for a short burst. It settles down again come December when all the long term crops are well and truly in and we go back to little and often sowing for continuity of supply. There’s a bit of […]

Grow Your Own Peach Tree

The peach trees are sprouting! Save stones from your favourite peach this summer and grow them on for your very own, hardy little peach (or apricot) tree. This is an awesome thing to do in schools. Choose a peach that’s ripe in term time, hardy and leaf curl free. A real treat for kids to […]

Spring into Summer + Clever Ways with Weeds

Action stations my gardening friends! Block yourself out as much garden time as you can manage this month. You’ll find me toe deep in soil every spare moment. Summer goodies need to well and truly get underway. Sow seed and prep beds (I can’t imagine life without my Forksta!) for long term crops like pumpkin, melon […]

Spring 2019 Workshops!

Plenty of coolness for you to dive into! Homegrown Avocado + Citrus Workshop on October 19 @ 9:30 – 12:30 This workshop is for those of you (like me) who live outside of the easy loam zone on sand or heavy clay … the enemies of Avocado and Citrus. You can still do it! Today I’m […]