July In The Vegie Patch

You could be forgiven for thinking that the vegie patch has had its day by frosty, cold July. I wanna show you otherwise – come take a look round my July garden. The greenhouse is giving us sweet peppers, chillies, celery, the occassional tomato, lettuces, coriander and beetroot. Outside – leafy greens abound (chard, parsley, […]

How To Store Apples

A store of eating apples to draw on through Autumn and Winter is deeply satisfying, and the best kai of all – an apple as nature intended! Storing is, however, pretty tricky for home gardeners, and the perfect long term storage (consistently cool, 90% humidity and rodent proof) eludes me still. Though I haven’t reached […]

How To Harvest Kumara

Such a good kumara growing summer … all those long hot days. My crop’s been in for 130 days (somewhere in that 120 – 150 days is ideal), and the tubers feel nice and fat beneath the soil. It’s time to harvest! Don’t go leaving it till the leaves yellow, set your store instead in […]

Testing Apples For Ripeness + A Super Helpful Calendar

  One of my most asked questions is “How do I know when apples/plums/ pears are ripe”. I remember wondering that too. The realisation that harvesting required as much knowledge as growing, dawned the day I harvested a whole tree of apples in a rush of excitement because they were red. What a let down […]