May in the Vegie Patch, Perennial Companions + Easy No Dig Beds

Planting and harvesting slows right down this month making space for compost making. Make as much as you can for your spring gardens – theres nothing more satisfying! Sow peas, broadbeans and winter greencrops and plant another lot of leafy greens and brassicas to feed your family in spring. Then when all the doing is […]

Pump Up Your Fruit Production

Today I’m sharing a September task that’ll really up your fruit production in your deciduous fruit trees – pears, apples, plums, apricots. An awesome party trick to slow growth down on over zealous plums and stubbornly upright pears. It’s time to tie down young branches, to change their direction from up to out. Especially important […]

The Ins and Outs of Choosing Bought Compost

Compost is the heart and soul of your garden. Does it matter which compost you buy? Damn straight it does! Well made compost is all our soil needs to grow abundant crops with minimal disease. But rubbish in, rubbish out – compost made with sub-standard ingredients will wreck your soil and your crops. Here are […]

Autumn crops, Citrus care + Comfort stew

Though this crazy, horrible time is unsettling, its woken the world up to what you and I have always known – a well-supplied home food garden is the very essence of health + home. No packaging, no damn sterilising. Nourishment plus and food full of love. While I’ve always treasured my garden, my appreciation for […]