Hope Seeds

A quick little shout out to these guys at Hopeseeds who brings us a heartfelt fundraising opportunity for your community. Mark Adcock created Hopeseeds after reading an article in newspaper about the national shortage of swan plants and the starving monarch caterpillars. He saw a connection with the life cycle and metamorphosis of a caterpillar with the […]

Be in to win an Ezidry Electric Food Dehydrator!

Congratulations to Kerrianne Lancaster for winning the Food Dehydrator! “I am always hooked into your newsletter by your use of key words that speak to me: smarten up, slow&steady, little&often” Check out this awesome giveaway from Country Trading. A brand new, NZ made, Ezidry Food Dehydrator. Wow! One of you is going to be oh so lucky. To […]

Pump Up Your Fruit Production

Today I’m sharing a September task that’ll really up your fruit production. It’s time to tie down young branches, to change their direction from up to out. Especially important on young fruit trees that you are shaping into perfect specimens. Also for older trees that have had an old branch removed and a newbie has […]

A Heap Of Bright Ideas, My Pruning Book + A New Fertiliser

Dear Gardeners, For many years it was my wish to grow a vegetable garden with no bought fertiliser. But I was never successful. I now know that my goals of abundant crops and a minimum of pest and disease on intensively managed soil, are pretty lofty. My garden needs a bit of outside help. For […]