How To Prune Raspberries

For hearty crops of big berries – get pruning this winter! Pruning makes the wickedest difference to harvest and health. And unless your berry patch is scary wild, its a quick job on a sunny winters day. For Red Raspberries That Fruit In Summer Year 1 The new canes that shoot away in spring are […]

September In The Raspberry Patch

If you haven’t already pruned your raspberries then move it to the top of your priority list! Here are my summer fruiters – pruned, tied and ready to get their grow on. If you need help, here’s my How To Prune Raspberries post. September Berry Care Weed beneath your berries – a good job for […]

The Perfect Raspberry Frame

Create two rows, 400mm apart using 1.8 waratah’s on an angle at each end of the row to make a “v” shape. Make it 400mm ish at the base, opening out to 1m ish at the top. Attach a wire (with a turnbuckle for future tensioning) at about 1.2 from the ground. This is what […]