August in the Vegie Patch + Greenhouse

August is our get ready for spring month. Use this month to pave the way for spring plantings. If you get in early with greencrops and organic matter you’ll reduce your need for bought fertiliser and compost. Begin by cleaning out the old. Make space… Leave everything that is still providing harvest. Clean older crops […]

July In The Vegie Patch

Even when its cold and frosty there’s plenty of food to be had from the garden. Here’s a quick round up of what we’re harvesting to inspire you to a four seasons vegie patch. Leafy greens abound – chard, spinach, parsley, kale, chickweed, cress, miners lettuce, endive, chicory and rocket. Bok choy, broccoli, cauliflower and […]

June In The Vegie Patch

I’m not the only one who loves winter. Some legumes are good with it and so are alliums, brassica’s, chard, endive, parsley and all manner of leafy greens. Salads and beetroot survive it, but very slowly so best get them under cover from now on in. Sow Direct Sow Lupin greencrops after heavy feeders like […]

May In The Vegie Patch + Greenhouse

As the vegie garden missions slow down, get into a bit of compost making. Make as much as you can for your spring gardens – there’s nothing more satisfying! Then when all the doing is done, segue into a bit of garden dreaming. Are you putting in new beds or trees this winter? Where will […]