How to do a DIY Soil Test

Soil is the heart and soul of your food garden. The wellness of your soil dictates the wellness of your plants. How well is your soil? Is the ‘stuff’ you add to your soil improving its health? Or not? Is the money/time you are spending worth it? Or not? What does your soil need? These […]

For Less Disease + Better Vegies – Water Your Garden Like a Pro

Start the summer season with a new intention – to check the soil before you water your garden so that you only water when your soil needs it. Overwatering creates fungus and encourages sappy, pest prone foliage. Underwatering ergo dry soils – means minerals aren’t converted and plants are stressed. Either way soil life, the […]

December In The Vegie Patch

A daily stroll is your secret garden weapon this December. Catching problems when they’re small makes for simple solutions = a peaceful easy life.  Pinching little laterals off your tomatoes and peppers leaves tiny wounds that heal in a flash and prevent viruses and bacteria getting in. Squashing little groups of aphids or a few […]

Spring in the Greenhouse

Early zucchini, African marigold + mustard It’s mid-spring in the greenhouse and no bare soil remains. Once the heat starts, so too the pressure on the soil, so I keep things healthy with a mixed living mulch. Apart from lupin, which I sow after the chooks have been through, the rest are that wonderful guild […]