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  1. Andrew London Trio at Edible Backyard!

    March 9 @ 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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February in the vegie patch

Summer has been an up and down affair in Horowhenua. To be fair it's not that unusual in our neck of the woods. For us, summer proper generally starts when school goes back. The … [Read More...]

How to sort + store onions

Sorting your crops into good keepers and bad keepers is key to long storage. Old fashioned smarts! Separating the ones that don't keep from the ones that do, stops rot spreading … [Read More...]

My top 10 healthy chook essentials

Keeping chooks in good nick is a matter of pride don't you think. A vibrant comb, bright eyed + alert, productive + a bit cheeky - this is how we want our chooks to roll. The thing … [Read More...]


Video Consults are here!

I have a cool new offering - help via video! I think you're going to like it as much as I do. A video consult is for all those questions which are too long for me to answer for … [Read More...]

Sweet tomato + bean stew

This is one of those dishes that once you discover, you use over and over. Quick, delicious and perfect for food gardeners at this time of year. Serve it with new potatoes + a … [Read More...]

A simple test for soil moisture

One of my most oft asked questions is "How much should I water?" The amount of water required in your garden is unique to your soil and your climate, so it's a question I cannot … [Read More...]

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