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This Month

December In The Vegie Patch

A daily stroll is your secret garden weapon this December. Catching problems when they're small makes for simple solutions = a peaceful easy life.  Pinching little laterals off your tomatoes and peppers leaves … [Read More...]

How to Prune Toms, Peppers + Aubergines

A single leader tomato is a very fine thing.  Easy to stake. Easy to pick. Easy to spot pests. Easy to spray. But most important of all in my high rainfall not reliably hot climate - plenty of airflow and sun for … [Read More...]

How to Prune Cucumbers + Melons

For best health plus the joy of a small footprint, grow vining small fruit cucurbits up strings or frames rather than along the ground. Prune them as single leaders, as per tomatoes. Easy to pick. Easy to spot pests. … [Read More...]


How to do a DIY Soil Test

Soil is the heart and soul of your food garden. The wellness of your soil dictates the wellness of your plants. How well is your soil? Is the 'stuff' you add to your soil improving its health? Or not? Is the money/time you … [Read More...]

For Less Disease + Better Vegies – Water Your Garden Like a Pro

Start the summer season with a new intention - to check the soil before you water your garden so that you only water when your soil needs it. Overwatering creates fungus and encourages sappy, pest prone foliage. Underwatering … [Read More...]

Coping with Green Vegetable Bugs

The Importance of the Right Name When learning about a pest, begin your journey by finding out it's scientific name. The bug I'm ruminating on today is the Green Vegetable Bug Nezara Viridula, also called green vegetable beetle, … [Read More...]