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This Month

November In The Vegie Patch

Await the perfect planting moment Where the soil and air temperature meets the temperature needs of your crop = your sweet spot of abundance. Hold out for these 2 things to collide my friends, and boom! you've got … [Read More...]

How to Grow Shell-out Beans

Blue Shackamaxon shellout beans Shell-out beans are the beans you grow for seed to use in soups and stews. They are such a star crop! Input to output ratio swings firmly in the output camp. Productive in a little … [Read More...]

How To Thin Fruit (And Why You Need To)

Removing excess fruit from an over-burdened tree rewards you with a more robust tree and better fruit (this year and next).  From mid-spring on keep an eye on your fruit trees and thin heavily loaded trees as fruits … [Read More...]


Job Vacancy: Edible Backyard

The position is now filled - thank you! I need an extra pair of hands for 6 hours a week. Nothing glamourous - just the plain jane, nuts and bolts stuff like weeding, mulching, picking up pig poop, cleaning out … [Read More...]

Coping with Green Vegetable Bugs

The Importance of the Right Name When learning about a pest, begin your journey by finding out it's scientific name. The bug I'm ruminating on today is the Green Vegetable Bug Nezara Viridula, also called green vegetable … [Read More...]

Natural Remedies for Worms in Chooks

Sweetie (chook on the left) has a dirty behind - a possible sign of worms. If I get in quick, I can save the day with herbs! Spring's a common time for worms, so lets be prepared with some natural solutions. Prevention … [Read More...]