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This Month

April In The Vegie Patch

Keep January-planted bean, zucchini, tomato and cucumber crops jogging along with a daily harvest. Don't let energy get wasted on the big old bean at the bottom! Though growth is slowing right down and quality of fruits … [Read More...]

April In The Greenhouse

The greenhouse soil has worked hard in the summer heat, and needs a bit of love before planting the next lot of crops out. Create space in the greenhouse There's no need to pull summer crops out - if they're … [Read More...]

Boost Your Fruit Trees This Autumn

Leaves are turning gold and starting to fall, marking the end of a cycle of growth and the beginning of another as the leaf donates its goodness back to earth. All those tiny openings left by detached leaves makes it a … [Read More...]


Consults Are Back!

You've been so patient while you waited for me to finish my book - and here I am - happy as a clam to be out from the computer and ready to help you set up a brilliant food garden, or trouble shoot an existing one - … [Read More...]

Cheat’s Compost

I don't always keep up with compost making. There's many a moment when I have crops ready to plant but no compost to hand. In which case, I whip around the garden and creatively rustle up some soil food, or cheats … [Read More...]

My Favourite Biological Brew

The health of all life above ground - you, me and our crops included, rests on the shoulders of the trillions of tiny organisms - the bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes et all that inhabit healthy soil. These … [Read More...]