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This Month

September Fruit Tree To-do List

Manage height Spring is an excellent time to tame the height of deciduous fruit trees because trees respond with gentle growth. They've already used a chunk of energy up making blossoms and new shoots which means - … [Read More...]

September In The Vegie Patch

September is all about greens - broccoli shoots for africa (so useful aren't they!), cabbages, leeks, celery and leafy greens galore. Leafy greens are the best! They may not be as glamourous as a tomato or trendy as … [Read More...]

Introducing Fruit Trees 101

Thriving fruit trees and abundant harvests spring off the back of a solid set up - this is what Fruit Trees 101 is all about. In this little video course, I take you step by step through all you need to know - shelter, … [Read More...]


Secrets in the Soil: A Gorgeous Childrens Book

Janet Bradbury is an NZ author who is right on my page. She's illustrated and written a most beautiful childrens book called "Secrets in the Soil" which though its for kids, will teach many adults who … [Read More...]

Make a Harvest Calendar

Before you buy fruit trees, make a super useful harvest calendar for a clear overview of the fruiting year. A big help in choosing varieties that stagger the harvest and spread workload. Before we … [Read More...]

Step by Step to Kickass Shelter

Shelter lays the foundation for a thriving food garden. What a difference to productivity when our crops are nicely tucked away! Today, I'm going to set you on the road to a handsome as, targetted and … [Read More...]