waxeyes eat the last of the persimmons

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July In The Vegie Patch

Yams are at their best after a frost and store beautifully in cold soil Even when its cold and frosty there's plenty of food to be had from the garden. Here's a quick round up of what we're harvesting to inspire you … [Read More...]

Use Your Chooks!

Chickens were born to weed + bug hunt. The very jobs I dislike. So in a beautiful win - win, we help each other out. I grow lots of greens for them and they clean it all up for me and prep for following crops. The secret … [Read More...]

Back to Basics: Fruit Tree Pruning Videos

Here are a couple of videos that I hope will give beginners a bit of pruning confidence. Thanks to my buddy Ray at Soulhaven Productions for making them and thanks to Barry for letting us film his trees! These fruit … [Read More...]


Preorder My New Book!

Not long now my friends and my next book "The Edible Backyard" will be here! It's due to land 14 September - oh happy days! You can jump the queue and pre-order your signed copy here. Buy through my website and … [Read More...]

Managing Foodscraps: Easy Bokashi

This story begins on a sad note - Nellie, our beautiful kunekune pig, she in charge of foodscrap management, died. See you on the other side, my friend. As well as companionship (pigs are the best), she played … [Read More...]

How To Prune A Grape

Grapes come on new seasons wood Grapes fruit on new season wood. Prune your grapes every year to avoid a tangle of shoots and to grow better fruits. Grapevines have a tonne of vigour and left to their own devices … [Read More...]