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December In The Vegie Patch

I began my food growing journey up Otaki Gorge, living down the drive from some of the best people you'll find anywhere - Ray and Joan Moffat. Joan had a beautiful but practical … [Read More...]

Make your summer garden better

Gardens go up a gear in December - plants, seeds, weeds, pests, the good and bad. Everything starts to zoom along. Keep everything in top health and pests epidemics at bay with a … [Read More...]

Smarten up your act and use the edge

Today I'm giving a shout out to the forgotten edge. Most often assigned to a life of weed-eating and fussing about, edges bring a golden opportunity and done well can save you a … [Read More...]


Hope Seeds

A quick little shout out to these guys at Hopeseeds who brings us a heartfelt fundraising opportunity for your community. Mark Adcock created Hopeseeds after reading an article … [Read More...]

Pest Smarts + Neem Giveaway!

Heat and harvest come to this - pests. It's easy to malign them, "Damn things!", but pests are not malicious, they've come because you've served dinner. Aphids, leafhoppers, scale, … [Read More...]

Rosewater Almond Cake

Bring your rose petals to the table with this beautiful cake. Perfectly timed for the many celebrations that take place at this time of year. It looks gorgeous, but is super simple … [Read More...]

Spring at Edible Backyard

Tui sitting high amongst the pink blossoms in the orchard - Edible Backyard