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This Month

August in the Vegie Patch + Greenhouse

August is our get ready for spring month. Use this month to pave the way for spring plantings. If you get in early with greencrops and organic matter you'll reduce your need for bought fertiliser and … [Read More...]

August Fruit Tree Care

If you blink you'll miss it! The early plums are on the move, brewing up another batch of beautiful blossom. For those of you pondering copper sprays - this is your sign to get ready, the moment is … [Read More...]

My Healthy Fruit Tree Game Plan

A diverse environment around your deciduous fruit trees is the answer to all your fruit tree problems. Yes! Truly! All of them! Get a bit wild, my friends and loose the tidy. Engage as broad a range of … [Read More...]


Late Winter in the Chook-yard

Each season brings a new slant to the chookyard. In late winter, the ground is often saturated, the air cold and light is low. We are called to ensure our chooks have access to dry outside space and that their need for fresh … [Read More...]

How + When to Prune Citrus

No matter what tree you prune, or how confident you are - always begin with a ponder. That is, go walk around the tree and study it. Pay attention to 2 things in particular - imbalance - ie one side stronger/ taller/ wider … [Read More...]

How to Use Fungicides: Copper, Lime Sulfur + ACV

. Cankers, oozing sap, fruit scab, fruit rot, leaf spots or leaf curl are all signs bacteria or fungus are ruling the roost in your orchard. The ultimate is to manage these infections via a diverse, slightly wild but … [Read More...]