This Month

January In The Vegie Patch + Autumn Crops A Go Go

January is an opportunity to extend our summer crops. To create a lovely continuity for when our current crops call it quits. Successional planting/ sowing is the proper name. Let’s just call it – not going hungry, … [Read More...]

Break The Pest Cycle

The heat, all that tasty food, a bit of plant stress = pests! Young gardens, are more likely to have higher pest burdens. Rest assured that as you build soil, develop a diverse range of companion plants, get your … [Read More...]

Give Citrus A Midsummer Feed

Mid summer is citrus feeding time. This feed is especially important for young trees to get them growing strong while its warm, so they are bigger and bolder for when they need to take on winter. Be sure to nourish … [Read More...]


Can I Compost Diseased Plant Matter?

Yes! Yes, you can. Nature specialises in detoxifying and outcompeting pathogens. A compost heap is full of life, more than equipped for this job. Visualise a bunch of pac-men zooming about gobbling up the bad guys and you're not … [Read More...]

3 Ways To A Living Mulch

Living mulch (covering the soil with plants), is I'm beginning to believe, the most nourishing mulch of all. It makes perfect sense to me, as this is how mother nature does it and all my garden journeys loop back to her. Think … [Read More...]

Save Your Chooks From Red Mites

Chooks are so awesome. So much love + all the weeding and fertilising and eggs they bring. Keeping populations of red mite at a low ebb in the chook house holds up our end of the bargain and is the least we can do. Red mites are … [Read More...]