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February in the Vegie Patch

Summer has been an up and down affair in Horowhenua. To be fair it's not that unusual in our neck of the woods. For us, summer proper generally starts when school goes back. Last night the over night low was 7 degrees. … [Read More...]

How to Pick and Store Plums

There's a small window, a perfect moment when fruit is ripe for picking. The only way you catch it is by keeping an eye on your crops. With a plum harvest, I reckon it's just before it hits the ground. Pick your plums … [Read More...]

How to Summer Prune Stonefruit

Plums, Apricots, Peaches, Nectarines, Almonds and Cherries are all stonefruit and best pruned in summer when they finish fruiting. There's a few good reasons to prune them now rather than winter. Number one is … [Read More...]


Don’t Mow – Let It Grow!

Once the kids have gone and cricket games are no longer, you may wish to pause and ponder the usefulness of your lawn. If no compelling reason other than tidiness comes to mind, let me suggest you plant it up or let it … [Read More...]

How To Bird Net Your Fruit Trees

There is only one sure way to keep the birds off your fruit - and that's to bird net. I write this today because this is the question on your lips, and you're all so disgruntled when I answer bird net! Why do you all … [Read More...]

Tomato Onion Pie

This here is one of my all time favourite summer dinner recipes. Add a salad and a baked potato or some fresh fish or a good sausie. Mmmmm, life is good. Tomato Onion Pie Ingredients 2 finely sliced onions 6 … [Read More...]