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This Month

May In The Vegie Patch + Greenhouse

As the vegie garden missions slow down, get stuck in and make lots of compost! There's heaps of finished summer crops/ flowers/ perennials about, providing a bounty of ingredients - make good use of it. Then when … [Read More...]

May Fruit Tree To Do List

May is the month to get prep'd for fruit + shelter + fun tree planting. A little bit of tree research goes such a long way! Do it! As does my favourite stake + marinate, an easy, hands on way of working out what fruit … [Read More...]


Manure 101

Manure is part of natures deft design - we eat the food that grew on the ground that's fertilised by the manure which began as the food - such an elegant cycle! And manure can, when used well, bring much goodness, but - … [Read More...]

How to Finish Asparagus + Prep it for Spring

Asparagus ferns will likely be tall and green and ferny, and getting in the way of everything! I corral them behind a string-line so as to let them completely finish in peace, and I'm hoping to encourage you to do the … [Read More...]