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This Month

Grow Yourself a Daily Winter Harvest

Achieving a daily harvest year round, takes years of practice. I remember the first year I grew all my own carrots. Pride. And the year of the onion, that was solid. Potatoes have … [Read More...]

May In The Vegie Patch

Old sacks protect direct sown greencrop seed for faster germination and bird protection. Direct sow Greencrops – lupins, broadbeans, phacelia, wheat, oats, mustard or … [Read More...]

Boost Your Fruit Trees This Autumn

Leaves are turning gold and starting to fall, marking the end of a cycle of growth and the beginning of another as the leaf donates its goodness back to earth. All those tiny … [Read More...]


Fried Green Tomatoes

A crunchy fried morsel, with a tangy gooey middle to use the last of the green tomatoes and bring you joy. If you haven't already met - let me introduce you to one of my … [Read More...]

Make An Instant Vegie Patch

Today is for the beginner veggie gardeners - a quick and easy way to get your gardens off to a strong start. I remember how daunting starting is - so I'm keeping it simple. … [Read More...]

My Top 3 Winter Greens + How to Grow Them

Eating a daily dose of fresh, picked greens through winter is my recipe for wellness. And wellness is my wish for everyone - especially this winter when being hale + hearty is … [Read More...]