This Month

June In The Vegie Patch

I'm not the only one who loves winter. Some legumes are good with it and so are alliums, brassica's, chard, endive, parsley and all manner of leafy greens. Salads and beetroot survive it, but very slowly so best get them … [Read More...]

Easy Peasy Compost

Homemade compost is the gold standard of all composts because its alive! Potency comes from the life, not the ingredients per se, though they are of course enmeshed - the ingredients feed the life. Good luck finding … [Read More...]

June’s Fruit Tree To-Do List: Your Top 5

Fallen leaves, comfrey and a lump of rotting log - free fertility! + a strong fungal network in the making. Woodash + A Beneficial Mow Lightly sprinkle lime or wood ash from the fire, over top of fallen leaves and … [Read More...]


Honey Butter Baked Apples

When the Mayflower apples are ripe, this is the first thing I make. I love this recipe, they're the best baked apples you'll ever eat. And they're great the next day - stirred through porridge, eaten cold even (thats me … [Read More...]

My Favourite Perennial Companions

Perennials are the backbone of our garden because they stay put, unlike annuals who pop in and out - even in a no dig garden, every day is moving day - pull a carrot, lever out a leek... In the quiet, undisturbed space … [Read More...]

How to Space Your Fruit Trees

There's not a gardener alive who hasn't squashed too many trees into too small an area! Those little wee seedlings defy us to give them space, but give it, we must. There's a goldilocks point were aiming for here - a … [Read More...]