This Month

Smarten up your act and use the edge

Today I'm giving a shout out to the forgotten edge. Most often assigned to a life of weed-eating and fussing about, edges bring a golden opportunity and done well can save you a … [Read More...]

November In The Vegie Patch

The best thing about November is that Asparagus and Broadbeans are in it. Two of my favourites! Together! At the same time! Finding the perfect planting moment. Every garden has … [Read More...]

Spring in the Greenhouse

It's mid spring in the greenhouse and no bare soil remains. Once the heat starts, so too the pressure on the soil so I keep things healthy with a mixed living mulch. Apart from … [Read More...]


Today in my vegie garden

From October through to April I spend as much time as poss in my garden. About 3 days a week at this time of year, keeps the food garden rolling and bringing us a daily harvest. I … [Read More...]

Orange, Honey, Yoghurt cake

When you grow all your fresh food, you're too busy for fancy stuff. If, like me, you're busy and love cake with your cuppa you need one bowl cakes. I've kissed a few frogs in … [Read More...]

Slow and steady November

Little and often is my garden mantra. Little and often plantings bring a little and often harvest. So useful for keeping belly's full in the most nourishing of ways. And nicely … [Read More...]

Spring at Edible Backyard

Tui sitting high amongst the pink blossoms in the orchard - Edible Backyard