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This Month

December In The Vegie Patch

Gardens go up a gear in December - plants, seeds, weeds, pests - everything starts to zoom along in the heat. Keep your crops in peak health and epidemics at bay with a daily garden stroll - it's hardly a chore is … [Read More...]

December Fruit Tree To Do List

Fruit trees look kinda static, but they're super dynamic! Hormones, enzymes, sugars - much goes on as they constantly adapt to the environment - wet, dry, windy, hot, cold, pest, pathogens, sprays, fertiliser.... add to … [Read More...]

How to Grow Tomatoes

It's entirely possible to grow abundant tomatoes without artificial tomato food, or tricky fertiliser brews. Today I'm running you through my very simple, tomato growing strategies. Each strategy is a key thread, and … [Read More...]


How to Prune Cucumbers + Melons

For best health, plus the joy of a small footprint, grow vining small fruit cucurbits (melons, cucumbers, small squash) up strings or frames rather than along the ground. Pruning them as single leaders, as per tomatoes, makes for an easy life - … [Read More...]

How to Prune Tomatoes, Peppers + Aubergines

A single leader tomato is a very fine thing.  Easy to support. Easy to pick. Easy to spot pests. Easy to spray. But most important of all in my high rainfall not reliably hot climate - plenty of airflow and sun for best health + … [Read More...]

EPIC Giveaway!

What an awesome giveaway! All these gifts are up for grabs as one very cool prize. 7 gifts in all, contributed by 7 epic organic kiwi women. To win, hop onto instagram, and enter at @everkindorganic. The winner will be drawn on 4 Dec.  A … [Read More...]