Upcoming Events

  1. The Organic Greenhouse

    October 5 @ 9:30 am - 12:00 pm
  2. Homegrown Avocado + Citrus Workshop

    October 19 @ 9:30 am - 12:30 pm
  3. Spring into Summer!

    November 2 @ 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

This Month

It’s Time To Feed Your Fruit Trees

The orchard is waking up. Hurrah! blossom will soon be here. The trees sleep is over, and so is the gardeners. Its time to get on the job. One of the best things you can do as … [Read More...]

August in the Vegie Patch

What to plant and sow in August Here's what I can plant in my Levin garden, given that at the mo. my soil is 10 degrees and night temps range from 3 to 13. Another key thing is my … [Read More...]


How To Prune A Grape

Grapes come on new seasons wood Grapes fruit on their new season wood. Prune them every year to avoid a tangle of shoots and to grow better fruits. Grapevines have a tonne of … [Read More...]

Lucky Last Pruning Workshop

And its tomorrow! As in Friday 2nd August. 10 - 1. In my garden, Levin. We've got 5 spaces left. Here's the drill: A workshop to boost your pruning confidence. Good pruning … [Read More...]

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Autumn at Edible Backyard

Our beloved pig Nellie eating green apples at Edible Backyard