These people are authentic and wise; they know their stuff, they walk the talk. They’re the people I trust enough to recommend to you.


2 bags of fert and 1 bag gypsum in my garden shed

Fodda 100% natural, full spectrum mineral NZ made fertiliser tested for mineral balance.

EM garden concentrate The magic liquid jamming with beneficial micro organisms – just what your garden needs! Mix with seaweed or comfrey or molasses or fish for a monthly garden spray par excellence. Its not cheap, but you only use 1ml per litre and can easily expand it out to 20 times.

Hydrolysed Fish Fertiliser Add to EM for a monthly garden tonic par excellence – pasture, orchards and vegetables.

Oceans Organics The best quality seaweed feed in NZ. Slow ferment for full nutrient capture + herbs = strong gardens. 100% NZ seaweed. An excellent alternative to liquid fish – add to EM for your monthly liquid feed.

Agrisea The commercial wing of Oceans Organics – same high quality product, same excellent advice – for large food gardens, market gardeners and farmers.

Neem. Because not all Neem is created equal, let me introduce your one and only – Naturally Neem.

Environmental Fertilisers biological fertiliers

Fertile Fields organic garden and animal health products

Trees, seeds, tools, compost and cool plants

crafty gatherer tool belt ediblebackyard nz

Crafty Gatherer Broadforks (3 sizes), wooden seedling trays, top bar beehives, tool belts, harvest aprons and more. Beautifully hand crafted by Marco and Tess.

Edible Garden Fruit trees for our bio region, grown with love by Sarah and her team. Sarah is our fruit tree guru.

Kahikatea Farm Finally a nursery with useful plants! Medicinal, companion, nitrogen fixing, edible and groundcover plants – permaculture practitioner heaven!

Central Tree Crops Research Trust For heritage orange tomatoes, Montys Surprise apples and 1000 heritage beans! Where Mark and his team explore the healing power of heirloom food.

Sethas Seeds Setha and Roddy grow and sell high quality, heritage garlic, flower, potato, yam and vegetable seeds from their organic farm in Hawkes Bay.

Kings Seeds An amazing range of seeds (flowers + herbs + vegies), top notch germination, range of green crops and a really good organics collection too. Quick friendly + helpful service.

Growing Things – Cloche Hoops

Wondermesh – top quality, long lasting insect mesh to protect crops from psyllids and cabbage whites

Red path – Greenhouses, hoop houses, greenhouse accessories, birdnet and insect mesh

Chaos Springs compost

Paranui Organics Compost

Sustainable Living Workshops

Abundant Vegie Patch

Human Bushcraft and Wild Living Escape the rat race and reconnect with nature (and yourself) on one of Steve and Jenny’s beautiful workshops. Highly recommended to get the kids off the play station and excited about the natural world.

Edible Garden Get wise about fruit trees. From smart design, to good management, to the art of espalier.

Curious Cook For the most fun to be had in the kitchen, get along to one of Alexis’ cheese or pasta making workshops.

The Farmhouse Kitchen You are what you eat! Pip and Emily teach you how to make real food – sourdough, crackers, kefir, yoghurt…. Invest in your wellbeing with this inspiring weekend.

Kahikatea Farm Permaculture design and our local food forest experts.

Inspiration and a Helping Hand

bee on echinacea

Brooklyn Community Orchard The most beautiful, inspiring community orchard ever! Would be fruit tree growers in Wellington are wise to visit.

Organic NZ  For expert advice on all things organic, plus lots of handy networks for organic gardeners.

Help Me Net The best small business website builder, hand holder and cheer leading team in the land

Real Food

Captain Kidd apples being sorted and harvested Edible backyard NZ

Homegrown Kitchen I highly recommend Nicolas workshops, newsletters and cookbook to anyone wanting to eat well. Nicola’s food is super delicious, simple and nutritious (how to have your cake and eat it too!). Her cookbook is my most used.

My Darling Lemon Thyme Vegetarian + gluten free heaven. Such delicious food – no gums, nothing fancy, always delicious. I’m sure many of you have bumped into Emma Galloway before – if you haven’t – you need to.