December In The Vegie Patch

A daily stroll is your secret garden weapon this December. Catching problems when they’re small makes for simple solutions = a peaceful easy life.  Pinching little laterals off your tomatoes and peppers leaves tiny wounds that heal in a flash and prevent viruses and bacteria getting in. Squashing little groups of aphids or a few […]

How to Prune Toms, Peppers + Aubergines

A single leader tomato is a very fine thing.  Easy to stake. Easy to pick. Easy to spot pests. Easy to spray. But most important of all in my high rainfall not reliably hot climate – plenty of airflow and sun for best health + ripening. Tomato Laterals + How to Remove Them The shoot […]

How to Prune Cucumbers + Melons

For best health plus the joy of a small footprint, grow vining small fruit cucurbits up strings or frames rather than along the ground. Prune them as single leaders, as per tomatoes. Easy to pick. Easy to spot pests. Easy to spray. In the protected environment of the greenhouse, I grow melons and cucumbers up […]

November In The Vegie Patch

The most important mission this month, is to keep planting and sowing. Leave the weeds! Don’t worry about anything else – focus on getting stuff growing. If your vegie patch is wild and weedy, rather than rip and pull weeds out – lay cardboard on top of the weeds and pile on compost and mulch […]