Phone a garden friend

Practical, down-to-earth advice personalised to you and your garden.
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Short n Sweet

$ 50 inc GST
  • This is good for you if you are happy overall with how your food gardens are evolving, and just need clarification on a few things.
    You get:
  • A 20 mins, no frills phone or video call! I call you, we chat and that’s that.

Garden Mini

$ 150 inc GST
  • This is good for you if you are feeling unsure about any aspect of the garden and need me to iron out a few crinkles.
    You get:
  • Pre consult homework
  • 30 min video or phone call with me
  • A thorough write up of our consult + helpful links and resources
  • Recommended plants and sketches as needed

Garden Maxi

$ 300 inc GST
  • This is for you if you are starting from scratch and need help with your garden layout. Also perfect for those of you who have a list of questions as long as your arm!
    You get:
  • Pre consult homework
  • 60 min video or phone call with me
  • A thorough write up of our consult + helpful links and resources
  • Recommended plants and sketches as needed


The very best time to book a consult is when you have completed your basemap and wishlist.

  • A wishlist, is a list of all the things you want to grow + structures you want to build. 
  • A basemap is a simple pencil sketch of your property. On it, you sketch the winds/ frost/ sun and all environmental info that enables us to choose the best places for the things on your wishlist. It also tells us where you need shelter, drainage and light – the foundations of a healthy food garden.

Here’s how to make a basemap.

With this key info to hand, we can create an awesome garden plan for you. 

Understandably so! Its alot in the beginning my friend, but you got me, and together we’ll create you up a solid little plan.

The first step, before we get together, is for you to gather some important info.

  1. You need to work out what you want to grow + build
  2. You need to learn all about your climate and land.

This is called making a basemap and wishlist. All the instructions are here

Don’t rush this step. Its the most important bit! Take the time. It sets you up for greatness. 

While you gather all this information, grow all your vegies/ herbs/ flowers in pots and containers in a sunny spot, close by the house. 

And then when you are done, you’re ready to book me in, or infact go it alone and work your own design up.  

Never fear my friend – it’s really easy!

About 10mins before the consult, you’ll receive an email with a link to our meeting. 

Click on this link. 

Click on join with video.

When the video comes up, check the microphone symbol in bottom left corner. If its crossed you are muted, if its uncrossed we can chat. Uncross it and say hello!

Zoom! Download the free version of it here and join up.

Yes I do! You get the choice of either phone or video consult at checkout. Simply check the option you prefer. 

Life happens, my friend, no problems at all.

Scroll down to the booking confirmation email until you find the Date/ Time heading.

There you will see the option to cancel/ reschedule your appointment.

Click on it and go through the steps.

"Wish we'd done the phone consult sooner. It gave us a clear direction and the confidence to move forward. We were really happy with it."

Deb and Paul Mander, Havelock

Thanks so much for your wisdom - I'm glad I arranged for you to come before I made any changes as you have pretty much turned my original plans on their head - the ideas you came up with make so much sense when I think about it, and I guess that comes with your experience. You have saved me some big bucks.

Andera Potter, Kapiti

"Such good value! Kath got straight to the heart of the matter - even over the video feed, she spotted the 2 main problems and re-organised our garden space as well as answering our questions. We're excited about the possibility that our food growing endeavours will finally be a success! Thank you Kath. We'll be back."

Peter and Karen, Auckland