Roasted Figs with Rosemary

I’ve never cooked figs. Fresh picked, they’re so delicious we tend to just gobble them as they are and put any excess in the dehydrator. Matt has turned the tide though. He cooked some up the other night and oh la la, I’m in love. Gooey, sticky, figgy deliciousness. These would be amazing on a […]

Consults Are Back!

You’ve been so patient while you waited for me to finish my book – and here I am – happy as a clam to be out from the computer and ready to help you set up a brilliant food garden, or trouble shoot an existing one – whatever you need. I’m no longer travelling to […]

Cheat’s Compost

I don’t always keep up with compost making. There’s many a moment when I have crops ready to plant but no compost to hand. In which case, I whip around the garden and creatively rustle up some soil food, or cheats compost as I affectionately call it. Its moment like these you need handy stashes […]

My Favourite Biological Brew

The health of all life above ground – you, me and our crops included, rests on the shoulders of the trillions of tiny organisms – the bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes et all that inhabit healthy soil. These microscopic critters are in constant motion performing checks and balances that counteract our often diabolical actions and restore […]