Manure 101

Manure is part of natures deft design – we eat the food that grew on the ground that’s fertilised by the manure which began as the food – such an […]

How to Finish Asparagus + Prep it for Spring

Asparagus ferns will likely be tall and green and ferny, and getting in the way of everything! I corral them behind a string-line so as to let them completely finish […]

Step by Step to a Perfectly Fed Vegie Patch

Overfeeding is easily done. Surrounded as we are, by seductive marketing and miracle soil food, home gardeners fertilise wildly. You’re unsure what you’re doing. That’s all. And its totally understandable […]

Soil Preps for Heavy Feeder Crops

Heavy feeders are called heavy feeders because they are hungrier than light feeders. It’s not that they need piles of fertiliser, what they need, is just enough… steady, not boom […]