Secrets in the Soil: A Gorgeous Childrens Book

Janet Bradbury is an NZ author who is right on my page. She’s illustrated and written a most beautiful childrens book called “Secrets in the Soil” which though its for kids, will teach many adults who read it aloud. Healthy soil, good nutrition and good health go hand in hand: and those creatures that contribute […]

Make a Harvest Calendar

Before you buy fruit trees, make a super useful harvest calendar for a clear overview of the fruiting year. A big help in choosing varieties that stagger the harvest and spread workload. Before we map it out – lets double check you’re ready to go. Tick off the following steps and set yourself on the […]

Step by Step to Kickass Shelter

Shelter lays the foundation for a thriving food garden. What a difference to productivity when our crops are nicely tucked away! Today, I’m going to set you on the road to a handsome as, targetted and super low-maintenance shelter that once established, needs no pruning/ trimming/ fussing over. Kickass, don’t you agree? You only need […]

How To Prune Redcurrants And Blackcurrants

Pruning currants makes the wickedest difference to the amount and quality of fruit because the fruits come on young wood. Left unpruned, the harvests become increasingly pathetic – too much old unproductive wood! An annual winter prune and a spring feed will inspire the new wood to come through, netting yourself a haul of about […]