Let's get you Pruning with Confidence

Though my book’s small – A5 and a mere 76 pages,
she’s got all the important stuff covered.

Concise and to the point, there’s no complicated waffle here. Just a clear set of instructions + helpful sketches.

You’ll look at your trees with new eyes and banish your pruning fears forever.

I'm on holiday - yippee doo!!

If you order a Pruning book between 27 July and 3 August, it wont be posted until 4th August. If you need one faster than that, find a list of bookshops that stock my book in the FAQs below. Heaps of libraries have a copy too. Catch you on the flipside, Kath x

You’ll learn


This book is a gem that deserves a place on your bookshelf. It’s easy to be intimidated by pruning, but Kath clearly and briefly arms you with the knowledge you need to get out there and do it. The illustrations are excellently clear and helpful and so is Kath’s advice. The less cutting she says, the calmer the tree. That means less vegetative growth and thus less pruning. It’s a virtuous circle I’m pleased to see spelt out so clearly.

Rachel Rose, Journalist

It’s so great to get your book Kath – it’s even better than I expected it to be!! Feel like it’s a friend that will be standing next to me while I tackle my poor trees. Now I just need to get the jolly tools sharpened and rust free!

Nicky Boughtwood, Wellington

Beautifully written. It has an ebb and flow feel to it just like the seasons. The relaxed style makes understanding pruning achievable for beginners. I loved reading it! The less is more approach and the visuals of leaving the prunings in a pile to gauge how much to prune is genius. I look forward to being able to sell it through the shop – it will sell itself. Congratulations!

Sarah Frater, Edible Garden

I’ve had lots of questions about pruning fruit and berries at my workshops. Today I bought this beautiful book from Wardini Books. Kath Irvine does a great job of explaining how to prune. Plus the sketches and layout are gorgeous. Don’t let it’s slim size and small price deceive you. The wealth of knowledge it contains is priceless. It outperforms many bigger, glossier and more expensive volumes.

Rachel from The Kitchen Garden


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Too easy my friend, here’s an extract  How To Prune Feijoas.

Yes! Proudly printed right here on special sustainable stock.

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pruning out the clutter in Hetlina apple tree ediblebackyard nz
Black Doris Plum harvest

Kath’s guide to fruit tree pruning is the most practical, informative, helpful and reassuring resource I have found (not to mention affordable). It has saved me hours watching potentially dubious you tube clips that don’t tell the whole story. As well as all this, it is clearly made with love. I bought one for a friend, then bought another for myself. I highly recommend this!

Kate Dallenbach, VUW

Kath’s advice is straightforward and clear. As someone who gets easily overwhelmed with pruning and garden things – Kath makes it seem so easy!

Rachel, a happy customer.