Pruning 101: Thinning Cuts + Heading Cuts

Understanding the difference between thinning cuts and heading cuts will transform your pruning life. What a difference to the productivity and health of your fruit trees when you give up […]

June’s Fruit Tree To-Do List

As the leaves begin to fall from our deciduous fruit trees, a few timely jobs rise to the surface. Time to Mulch Nature shows us its time to mulch! Leave […]

How To Prune Feijoas

Excerpt from my little pruning book ” Pruning Fruit Trees: A Beginners Guide“ If you prune your feijoa annually – you’ll find there’s not much to do. A lovely, feet […]

May Fruit Tree To Do List

May is the month to get prep’d for fruit + shelter + fun tree planting. A little bit of tree research goes such a long way! Do it! As does […]