How Much Space Do Your Fruit Trees Need?

One of the cool things about my job, is popping round to your place to nut you out a garden plan. As well as planning and sketching, I do a bit of trouble shooting. And there’s this one bit of trouble that comes up at nearly every one of these visits. This one thing I’m […]

May In The Vegie Patch

Things To Do In The Vegie Patch This Month Leave nothing bare! Soil prefers to be growing stuff – a crop, greencrop or just leave the weeds. Yes, truly – weeds! Living roots keep your soil happening. Next best alternative is to tuck it up under a thick layer of mulch. Make lots of compost. […]

Spanish Almond Cake

Plain and simple. I like it. Spanish Almond Cake This comes from “Food Worth Making” by Sam Mannering 3 eggs 1 Tblspn sherry 150g ground almonds (freshly ground makes all the difference) 150g caster sugar Pre heat the oven to 180° Line a small cake tin with baking paper Separate the eggs Put the yolks, […]

South Island Workshops And Pruning Lessons In June

How To Prune Fruit Trees June 17 is my “How To Prune Fruit Tree’s” workshop. Small fruit trees = orcharding happiness! Those of you with young trees are well placed for this to happen. Training them while they’re bendy and young is the ticket. That sweet innocence doesn’t last for long – and before you […]

Make The Most Of May With A Pre-Planting Ponder

Tree planting season is upon us, and  I want to help you be smart about it. Consider May a useful pause. A time to ponder, so that come winter your tree plan (fruit/ shelter/ stock, human shade/a bit of pretty/ privacy) is well thought out. There are already far too many trees in the wrong […]

Today In My Garden (A Few Of My Favourites)