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The Joy of Zinnias at Edible Backyard NZ Organic Garden Training

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The Brassica Plan Comes Together

Romanesco broccoli is very handsome and tasty as. We love it big time. Those big spiralling heads take a long time to develop (we're currently eating our January sown ones), so it … [Read More...]

From a Notch Springs a Branch

This time last year I wrote you about notching, an old fashioned technique that turns a bud into a branch, on a fruit tree. You do this when there's a gap in the trees framework … [Read More...]

July in the Vegie Patch

Winter is shed cleaning season. There’ll be no time in spring (or summer or autumn for that matter), so spend a Sunday in July doing useful things like taking twine off stakes; … [Read More...]


A Beginners Guide to Pruning Fruit Trees by Kath Irvine

This book is for newbie pruners.  A simple, little book who's goal is to cover the basics in plain English and provide a clear sense of direction without the usual lofty, … [Read More...]

Grow Great Garlic. An Ebook By Me, For You.

Grow Great Garlic Ebook $6.00 In response to all the questions I always get about growing garlic, I've penned this Ebook. A handy resource with all the answers! All my garlic … [Read More...]

Joy in June

Happiness is Heartsease, Rosehips, Hibernating Ladybugs, Yellow and Blue, Limes on the way, Moments of delight! What are your garden favourites, dear Readers? What … [Read More...]