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This Month

November In The Vegie Patch + Greenhouse

The most important mission this month, is planting and sowing. Drop everything else and focus on getting stuff planted! Especially long term crops like kumara, yams, pumpkins and peppers - they really need to get in … [Read More...]

November Fruit Tree To Do List

November is when the summer fruits really get a roll on - grapes, currants and berries are forming revealing the harvest to come. Keep an eye on these new fruits because birds + pests will be just as aware! Your daily … [Read More...]

How To Plant Kumara Shoots

You've nurtured your mother kumara all spring long and now that the shoots are 20cm or so its time, for them to leave mum, and go make their own babies. Planting time is upon us! Prepare the bed The key to a … [Read More...]


Easy-as Alternatives to Weed Spray

Weeds are, on the whole, not that tricky. Sure there's a select few that are dynamite, but that's to be expected given that we live in one of the weediest places on earth. Find my ideas for the really tricky weeds, at the bottom of the … [Read More...]

How to Grow Green Beans + Shell-out Beans

Beans have a bad rap. I mean who lists beans as their fav crop?! People who grow their own, thats who! Fresh picked is the only way to go, and there are so many awesome varieties to try. And then theres dried beans, or shellouts. Homegrown are … [Read More...]

Natural Remedies for Worms in Chickens

Sweetie (chook on the left) has a dirty behind - a possible sign of worms. If I get in quick, I can save the day with herbs! Chickens go downhill fast, so it pays to be aware. Since spring is worm o'clock, lets be prepared with some natural … [Read More...]