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April In The Vegie Patch

When to Call it Quits Winter draws ever closer, and tough choices need to be made. Do you have enough room for all your winter crops or does something have to give. Is it time for … [Read More...]

How To Store Apples

A store of eating apples to draw on through Autumn and Winter is deeply satisfying, and the best kai of all - an apple as nature intended! Storing is, however, pretty tricky for … [Read More...]

How To Harvest Kumara

Such a good kumara growing summer ... all those long hot days. My crop's been in for 130 days (somewhere in that 120 - 150 days is ideal), and the tubers feel nice and fat beneath … [Read More...]


Minestrone Soup + Delicious Dairy Free Pesto

There is no doubt about it - today is a soup kind of day. What better cheer than a bowl of nourishing, hearty Minestrone soup. Such an adaptable … [Read More...]

Introducing Guilds

Mutually beneficial relationships bring out the best in us. We are better, stronger when we team up. Same goes for plants. Fruit trees team up with pollinator seducers and dynamic … [Read More...]

My Favourite Coconut Bickky’s

These coconut biscuits are often in our tin - we love 'em! The perfect accompaniment to my end of day cuppa, curled up with a book. Bliss! From Anna and Roger Wilde’s “Real … [Read More...]

Late Summer at Edible Backyard

Waxeye in the fig tree - Edible Backyard