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The Joy of Zinnias at Edible Backyard NZ Organic Garden Training

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This Month

Plant Citrus, Prune Tamarillos and Feed your Fruit Trees

October is so tender, so pretty. The plums are in full blossom, and the rest of the orchard is on it’s way. Such a joy to be a fruit gardener!
Prevent Pests
After our mild winter … [Read More…]

October in the Vegie Patch

October checklist and things to do

Get your zucchini, cucumber, pumpkin, corn, tomato and pepper beds ready to grow. These are all heavy feeders and need rotten manure, … [Read More…]

Three Steps To Abundance

This pile of chopped up garden debris is getting this spot ready to grow me an orange. It could be any fruit tree and is without a doubt the best beginning for a vegie … [Read More…]


A Guide to Fat Yams

Yams (oca) are such a fabulous crop – both leaf and tuber are edible, they’re easy care and problem free. There are but two negatives

They’re in the ground for ages (8 months … [Read More…]

Video: Sowing Carrots the Edible Backyard Way

Don’t you hate reading a long article about something and you still have no idea how to do it? Worry no more! In this short and sweet little video find out all about how to sow … [Read More…]

My Guide to Growing Kumara is Here!

September is time to get your kumara shoots started and prepare your beds. Arriving just in the nick of time to help you along – the kumara Ebook is here!
A Guide to Growing Great … [Read More…]