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This Month

April In The Vegie Patch

Out with the old and in with the new – now! Today! Or you’ll run out of grow time. Make space Leave corn roots in the ground to stabilise soil. Sow or plant around them. Whip around and chop down finished crops … [Read More...]

April Fruit Tree To Do List

This month is all about harvesting nuts, preparing deciduous fruit trees for winter, caring for citrus and planning new fruit/shelter/ nut trees. Citrus Care Young developing fruits alert you to pay attention. … [Read More...]

April In The Greenhouse

The greenhouse soil has worked hard in the summer heat, and needs a bit of love before planting the next lot of crops out. Create space As long as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and aubergines are still … [Read More...]


Step by Step to a Perfectly Fed Vegie Patch

Overfeeding is easily done. Surrounded as we are, by seductive marketing and miracle soil food. Home gardeners fertilise wildly, mostly because there's no business bottom line, but also, please forgive my directness, … [Read More...]

Soil Preps for Heavy Feeder Crops

Heavy feeders are called heavy feeders because they are hungrier than light feeders. It's not that they need piles of fertiliser, what they need, is just enough... steady, not boom and bust. Overfeeding is, long … [Read More...]

Garden Coach: How it Works + Why 20mins is Perfect!

Garden Coaching is a 20minute chat with me, over zoom, to resolve your edible garden woes - fruit trees, vegies, chooks, compost - whatever has you stuck. 20 mins may sound short, but in my many years of guiding … [Read More...]