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The Joy of Zinnias at Edible Backyard NZ Organic Garden Training

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  1. Pruning Demonstration

    July 2 @ 10:00 am - 12:30 pm

This Month

June in the Vegie Patch

It's finally chilly! Took a while, but we got there - and hurrah I say. Hurrah for a natural end to pests, to the slowing down of weed growth and a break from the intensity of the … [Read More...]

June’s Fruit Tree To-Do List: Your Top 5

Such wonderful synchronicity, as the vegie patch slows down, it's time to be caring for our fruit trees. And here are the five things you really need to be considering in the … [Read More...]

Pondering Pruning and New Fruit Trees

Ponder. "To think about something carefully before reaching a conclusion." Oh, the difference when we ponder! It's a game-changing state of mind. And it is my gift to you this … [Read More...]


Joy in June

Happiness is Heartsease, Rosehips, Hibernating Ladybugs, Yellow and Blue, Limes on the way, Moments of delight! What are your garden favourites, dear Readers? What … [Read More...]

Kumara and Ginger Loaf

June is the perfect month for this kind of baking. Dense, moist and gingery - its just the thing to make a grey day bright. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Steam or roast 2 … [Read More...]

Flower Power!

For pure joy. For the bees, the parasitic wasps and the lacewings. For the magic they bring, the quiet power they wield. Toss some flower seed about to create some wild, … [Read More...]