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The Joy of Zinnias at Edible Backyard NZ Organic Garden Training

This Month

Making Soil From Clay (Miracles Do Happen)

The end of winter/ beginning of spring is a telling time in the garden because soil is at it's most saturated. If your soil is doing ok then tick that box, you've made it! If not, … [Read More...]

August in the Vegie Patch

Seed sowing time rolls round again Ain't it great when seeds and seedlings are back! A bit of housekeeping will set you in good stead – clean your seedtrays, make or buy seed … [Read More...]

The Brassica Plan Comes Together

Romanesco broccoli is very handsome and tasty as. We love it big time. Those big spiralling heads take a long time to develop (we're currently eating our January sown ones), so it … [Read More...]


The Cream of the Crop from Edible Backyard

Ya'know, I've really loved writing for you all over the last many years has it been? I've loved being able to share my stories with you and having the chance to welcome … [Read More...]

Quinoa Beetroot Patties

I got this message last week: "Hi Kath, I have looked high and low for the quinoa beetroot patties you sent out in a newsletter once. Are they on your website please? hashtag … [Read More...]

The Broadbeans Have Spots!

Chocolate spot is a broadbean thing that typically happens at this time of year. Like rust is a celery thing, or black spot an apple thing - all crops have a thing they do when … [Read More...]

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