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This Month

March In The Vegie Patch + Greenhouse

Clear starry nights, cool, dewy mornings and that special golden hue in the evening sky are all signs that Autumn is moving in. The cooler mornings and nights slowly begin to cool the soil, which in turn slows soil life … [Read More...]

March Fruit Tree To Do List

Young trees need to be at the fore front throughout summer. This month, take stock of yours. Rescue may well be on your radar depending on how the weather's been at yours. If the soil beneath is dry, water them back … [Read More...]

Project 4: Tree Research

This is Project 4 in my Start a Garden Guide, and is the perfect autumn mission for anyone planning on planting trees this winter. Rule number 1 for an easy garden life, is be sure the fruit/ shelter/ shade trees you … [Read More...]


An Easy, Nourishing Winter Food Garden

Today is especially for those of you who dream of eating a fresh picked bowl of goodness, like this one - every day, but dont have much time to garden. You can do it, if you focus on the most efficient crops - one's … [Read More...]

2 Ways to Transition from Greencrop to Crop

Greencrop's are your soils secret weapon. How I love them, for the nourishing respite they bring - they're an important regroup for your soil. A greencrop is the only crop we grow where the whole thing is returned. … [Read More...]

How To Store Apples

A store of eating apples to draw on through Autumn and Winter is deeply satisfying, and the best kai of all - an apple as nature intended! Storing is, however, really tricky for home gardeners. The perfect long term … [Read More...]