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  1. The Abundant Vegie Patch – Tauranga

    January 20, 2018 @ 10:00 am - 2:30 pm

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November In The Vegie Patch & Wondermesh

I love November because Asparagus and Broadbeans are in it. Two of my favourites! Together! At the same time! The November Weather/ Soil Watch Is summer really coming? At the … [Read More...]

How To Thin Fruit (And Why You Need To)

For top quality fruit and a better performing tree – thin your fruit this month! Thinning removes the excess to improve the remainder – and it’s a lovely job, so peaceful among the … [Read More...]

How To Plant Kumara Shoots

Now that the shoots are 20cm or so its time for them to leave mum and go make their own babies. Planting time is upon us! Get yourself ready with a small bucket of weak seaweed … [Read More...]


The Abundant Vegie Patch Comes To Tauranga!

My favourite workshop - the workshop that really gets your food gardening humming, that changes your food gardening life! - is coming to Tauranga in January. I'm very excited to be … [Read More...]

Of Lemon Tree Borer And Puriri Grubs

This hole in my Tydemans Late Apple shows a puriri larvae is in occupancy. That vertical scar and diamond shaped hole is the giveaway. Things that drill into the trunks of your … [Read More...]

Nicola Galloway’s Chocolate + Apricot Fudge

Nicola Galloway's beautiful gift to us all "Homegrown Kitchen", is such a brilliant cookbook. It's a home gardeners kitchen companion, and though it's wholefood, nourishment … [Read More...]

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The Joy of Zinnias – Edible Backyard

The Joy of Zinnias at Edible Backyard NZ Organic Garden Training