This Month

May In The Vegie Patch + Strawberries + Asparagus

Things To Do In The Vegie Patch This Month Leave nothing bare! Soil prefers to be growing stuff – a crop or greencrop preferably. If weeds is what you've got and you're just … [Read More...]

Bright Ideas For Tree Planting

Winter is on it's way. I may be a small minority here, but I'm cool with winter, look forward to it even. My love for our coldest season has a bit to do with the fact that it's … [Read More...]

Pea Frames, Windproof Broccoli + Garlic Prep

For climbing crops like peas, sno peas, beans and indeterminate tomatoes, it's all about the frame. Those of you who've been with me a while will be familiar with my love of … [Read More...]


Pruning Fruit Trees: A Beginners Guide

Here she is - the cover of my book. I feel a little proud. Fingers crossed we'll be finished for you next month, so you can use it this winter to unbundle pruning. This is … [Read More...]

Minestrone Soup + Delicious Dairy Free Pesto

There is no doubt about it - today is a soup kind of day. What better cheer than a bowl of nourishing, hearty Minestrone soup. Such an adaptable … [Read More...]

Introducing Guilds

Mutually beneficial relationships bring out the best in us. We are better, stronger when we team up. Same goes for plants. Fruit trees team up with pollinator seducers and dynamic … [Read More...]

Late Summer at Edible Backyard

Waxeye in the fig tree - Edible Backyard