Late Winter in the Chook-yard

Each season brings a new slant to the chookyard. In late winter, the ground is often saturated, the air cold and light is low. We are called to ensure our chooks have access to dry outside space and that their need for fresh ground continues to be met. Fresh ground So easy in summer and […]

August Vegies, Prune Citrus, Copper Sprays + Herbal Leys

It’s such an exciting time to be an edible gardener in New Zealand! More and more of us are regenerating our lands and backyards – both farmers, market gardeners + home gardeners (that’s you and me!) alike. Its so thrilling to be at this junction and watch the old ways of tilling and artificial amendments […]

Fruit Tree Pruning a go!

Sharpen up friends! This month we’re pruning! Deciduous fruit trees, berries, grapes and avocado are a go. If you haven’t found your pruning feet yet, know that you will. Be content with one new thing this winter – perhaps seeing the framework for the first time, or the fruit buds, or pruning your first big […]

Boost Your Gardens Resilience

We caught the edges of the tornado that rioted through Levin the other week. It smashed our lettuces to smithereens and the brassicas are a little worse for wear but the thick carpets of self seeded leafy’s – endive, kale, parsley, perpetual beet, cress, rocket, chicory, chickweed – soldiered on. Once again, they save the […]