June in the Vegie Patch and Transformational Pruning Tips!

This month I’m taking you back to pruning basics, diving into the two cuts that underpin every prune – Pruning 101: Thinning Cuts + Heading Cuts. I’m excited! And so […]

May in the Vegie Patch, Prep Asparagus for Spring + Manure 101

It’s easy when its cold out, to ignore your vegie patch. I mean, plants don’t need watering at this time of year do they? The answer, my friends, is unique […]

Garden Coach: How it Works + Why 20mins is Perfect!

Garden Coaching is a 20minute chat with me, over zoom, to resolve your edible garden woes – fruit trees, vegies, chooks, compost – whatever has you stuck. 20 mins may […]

April in the Vegie Patch + Step by step to perfectly fed soil

In this months newsletter, I’m pretty excited to share with you “Step by step to a perfectly fed soil.” Perfect in this case, means just right – not too much, […]