Slow and Steady November

Little and often plantings bring a little and often harvest. So useful for keeping bellies full in the most nourishing of ways. And nicely doable for the gardener. The benefits stretch out to the kitchen where little and often preserving (as opposed to massive autumn missions), makes for a great variety of pickles and a […]

Easy-as Alternatives to Weed Spray

Here are simple, integrated alternatives to herbicide. I hope you use these ideas at home, at school and in your community this spring and forever more. Salt Salt is the answer to your driveway weeds. No plant survives beneath a dollop of salt! Salt is also useful along hard edges, under the letterbox, along the […]

October in The Vegie Patch + Leaf Curl + Citrus + Cookies

As the soil and air warm this month, growth boosts away. Excitement is high, such a good vibe to live our lives by, but lets temper it a tot with wisdom. Don’t rush into planting summery stuff on the first fine day. The big gamble in October is kumara and pumpkin. Both crops need to […]

Wild + free + jamming with life

Dear Gardeners, As you gear up for your spring and summer planting here’s a phrase I’m chucking out for you to ponder – relay intercropping. Its like companion planting on steroids and will take the health of your vegie patch next level. In a nutshell, it’s plant combos of different root depths and nutrient needs […]