Repairing tired autumn soil + Growing a winter bounty

Keeping soil in good heart is tough when water has been sparse. By March, soil can be beaten and bruised making it tricky to get hungry winter brassicas planted out. Learning how to keep soil in good nick is the main part of our gardening journey. It takes time! So don’t beat yourself up if […]

Nature knows best

One cool, damp day after another is my summer thus far. It’s created the perfect environment for fungi to come play in my orchard, but not at all perfect for heat lovers like peppers and aubergines who are fair to middling at best. While I dream of being hot and dry, the truth is that […]

Make Your Summer Garden Better

Gardens go up a gear in December – plants, seeds, weeds, pests, the good and bad. Everything starts to zoom along. Keep everything in top health and pest epidemics at bay with a daily garden walk. Sort stuff there and then. If done daily, it’s easy little stuff – little weeds, little pests, little bits […]

Slow and Steady November

Little and often is my garden mantra. Little and often plantings bring a little and often harvest. So useful for keeping bellies full in the most nourishing of ways. And nicely doable for the gardener. The benefits stretch out to the kitchen where little and often preserving (as opposed to massive autumn missions), makes for […]