Spring 2019 Workshops!

Plenty of coolness for you to dive into! Homegrown Avocado + Citrus Workshop on October 19 @ 9:30 – 12:30 This workshop is for those of you (like me) who live outside of the easy loam zone on sand or heavy clay … the enemies of Avocado and Citrus. You can still do it! Today I’m […]

Wild + free + jamming with life

Dear Gardeners, As you gear up for your spring and summer planting here’s a phrase I’m chucking out for you to ponder – relay intercropping. Its like companion planting on steroids and will take the health of your vegie patch next level. In a nutshell, it’s plant combos of different root depths and nutrient needs […]

A massive book sale + yum chai + gardening plastic free

This month I’m hoping to inspire you to streamline your garden shed and go next level plastic free. I have cunning ways that you are going to love. Most of the stuff we buy in plastic bags is for fertility and fertility comes from organic matter. Were surrounded by it! No plastic, no money, just […]

Winter Missions, Winter Greens and Pruning Tips

Welcome to winter! Nourishing, cosy times ahead… I love it! Theres something about being all rugged up and waterproofed and braving the elements. Its a winning combo – a burst of fresh air and movement, followed by a well earned hot cuppa and warm up by the fire. As the vegie patch slows down, we […]