Fruit Tree Pruning a go!

Sharpen up friends! This month we’re pruning! Deciduous fruit trees, berries, grapes and avocado are a go. If you haven’t found your pruning feet yet, know that you will. Be content with one new thing this winter – perhaps seeing the framework for the first time, or the fruit buds, or pruning your first big […]

Winter Greens, Fruit Tree Care + Healthy Chooks

Are you ready to prune?! Hang out with your fruit trees this month and get ready in the best of ways with a pre prune ponder. Having a virtual run through is super helpful, especially if you’re still finding your pruning feet. While you wait for your trees to loose their leaves get your tools […]


A home food garden has never felt so important. It’s solid isn’t it, having spinach, carrots and broccoli just outside the backdoor… the cornerstone of our well being + a good dinner no matter what’s happening out there. The world it seems, has finally got on our edible gardening page. It’s probably inappropriate to be […]

Time Out

I am shutting up shop for the next few months. Those of you booked in for consults, workshops and tours have by now received the news. Thank you all for your understanding. We are blessed here in NZ with a small window to act based on what China and Italy have learned the hard way. […]