Top up your Dung Heap

Back in the day everyone had a dung heap. Before there were blue pills for gardens, there were cow do’s. And the cow do’s win (though don’t be poo-ist, whatever do’s you can get your hands on are great). Rotten manure grows the best soil,  the best vegies and the best roses. A dung heap […]

Natural, Simple Ways to Keep Your Soil in Good Heart

Keeping soil in good heart is tough when water has been sparse. By March, soil can be beaten and bruised making it tricky to get hungry winter brassicas planted out. Learning how to keep soil in good nick is the main part of our gardening journey. It takes time! So don’t beat yourself up if […]

Nature Knows Best

Here in the sunny Horowhenua we seem to have gone from spring to autumn. The days are warm, almost hot sometimes and the nights and mornings cool enough for socks. Lovely to work in I have to say, but it’s created the perfect environment for fungi to come play in my orchard and is not […]

January in the Vegie Patch, Prune Espaliers, Feed Citrus + Eat Cake

Pests can be all consuming. I remember those days and the constant mystery of who was wrecking my plants. Working out the “damn pests” took up far too much head space, so I was super excited the day I learned that I was attracting them with the way I gardened and that if I changed […]