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Dear Gardeners, As you gear up for your spring and summer planting here’s a phrase I’m chucking out for you to ponder – relay intercropping. Its like companion planting on steroids and will take the health of your vegie patch next level. In a nutshell, it’s plant combos of different root depths and nutrient needs […]

Fruit Tree Pruning a go!

Sharpen up friends! This month we’re pruning! Deciduous fruit trees, berries, grapes and avocado are a go. If you haven’t found your pruning feet yet, know that you will. Be content with one new thing this winter – perhaps seeing the framework for the first time, or the fruit buds, or pruning your first big […]

Winter Greens, Fruit Tree Care + Healthy Chooks

Are you ready to prune?! Hang out with your fruit trees this month and get ready in the best of ways with a pre prune ponder. Having a virtual run through is super helpful, especially if you’re still finding your pruning feet. While you wait for your trees to loose their leaves get your tools […]


A home food garden has never felt so important. It’s solid isn’t it, having spinach, carrots and broccoli just outside the backdoor… the cornerstone of our well being + a good dinner no matter what’s happening out there. The world it seems, has finally got on our edible gardening page. It’s probably inappropriate to be […]