Project 4: Tree Research

This is Project 4 in my Start a Garden Guide, and is the perfect autumn mission for anyone planning on planting fruit/ shelter/ shade trees this winter. Rule number 1 […]

My 3 Fav Ways to Start a Vegie Patch

Here are my three favourite ways to begin a vegie patch. All are variations of no-dig, and all grow brilliant vegies with no bought fertiliser. The only buy ins are […]

Are Raised Beds Your Best Bet?

Timber edged, raised beds aren’t a garden essential! For sure, they have their place, but in most cases – yes most cases! – your soil, your body, your plants + […]

Preparing Ground for New Vegie Beds

Today I’m running you through the 3 essential preparations for a new vegie bed. Before we crack on, let’s check that you are ready set to hit this: If you’ve […]