What is humus

living soil looks like this edible backyard nz

Humus is the end result of fully decomposed organic matter (which I like to call OM to save typing.)

  • compost ends up as humus
  • plant matter dropped on the ground ends up as humus
  • soil biology contributes to the formation of humus

Humus is

  • spongy – it becomes a reservoir of water.
  • fertile – a storehouse of nutrient + carbon.
  • stable
  • evolving

Humus is the perfect environment for biology to thrive in. Ergo it’s the perfect environment for plants to thrive in because where biology thrives, our plants do too.

Humus is the springboard of your gardens well being. It’s the foundation of enduring fertility.

Create humus rich soil with

Simple, yes! Easy, too easy! And tried + true.

Steer clear of the boom and bust cycles of overfeeding your garden, and embrace the simple life: your garden will glow!

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