Biological Fungicides

Cankers, oozing sap, fruit scab, fruit rot, leaf spots or leaf curl, and are all signs that pathogenic fungi/ bacteria are out competing beneficial fungi/ bacteria, on your fruit trees. […]

Boost Your Fruit Trees This Autumn

Leaves are turning gold and starting to fall, marking the end of a cycle of growth and the beginning of another as the leaf donates its goodness back to earth. […]

Be Cabbage White Butterfly Free!

Summer of ’22, I grew brassicas out in the open without any insect mesh, from seedling to finish. I was feeling confident in my parasitic wasp population, and they didn’t […]

Break The Pest Cycle

Pests are part of a gardening life – especially when your vegie patch is full of all their favourite food. Add to that a bit of stress like drought for […]