How to Use Fungicides: Copper, Lime Sulfur + ACV

Cankers, oozing sap, fruit scab, fruit rot, leaf spots or leaf curl are all signs bacteria or fungus are ruling the roost in your orchard. The ultimate is to manage these infections via a diverse, slightly wild but robust orchard environ. While you establish the companion plantings and below ground myccorhizal network that is at […]

Be Cabbage White Butterfly Free!

This summer, for the first time ever, I grew brassicas out in the open without any insect mesh. From seedling to finish. I was feeling confident in my parasitic wasp population, and they didn’t disappoint. What a turn around! For most of my garden life I haven’t bothered growing brassica through summer because the cabbage […]

Can I Compost Diseased Plant Matter?

Yes! Yes, you can. Nature specialises in detoxifying and outcompeting pathogens. A compost heap is full of life, more than equipped for this job. Visualise a bunch of pac-men zooming about gobbling up the bad guys and you’re not far off it. Further biology enters the fray to decompose it all and return it to […]

Break The Pest Cycle

The heat, all that tasty food, a bit of plant stress = pests! Young gardens, are more likely to have higher pest burdens. Rest assured that as you build soil, develop a diverse range of companion plants, get your sowing and planting timings down and discover varieties that suit, the pest burden will shift. Truth […]