My Favourite Perennial Companions

Perennials are plants that endure year after year, as opposed to annuals, who live and die in one year. Perennial = Dahlia, Hebe or Sage for example. Annual = Lettuce, Coriander or Zucchini. This different lifeline brings about another difference – the soil around perennials is undisturbed, whereas in the annual vegetable patch, everyday is […]

Make a No Dig, Perennial Garden

Densley planted perennials make the easiest care, best looking gardens of all. Herbs, picking flowers, nectar/ pollen rich flowers for bees and beneficials, fruit, natives – you name it!, jam them all in together for a garden that beats out weeds, flowers year round and provides food and medicine. Beautiful and useful – my kinda […]

Flower Power!

For pure joy. For the bees, the parasitic wasps and the lacewings. For the magic they bring, the quiet power they wield. Toss some flower seed about to create some wild, carefree beauty in your garden for this spring. Anise hyssop, echium, larkspur, calendula, chamomile, snapdragon, stocks, heartsease, poppies, love in a mist, honeywort, sweetpeas […]

A Planting Plan to Entice the Beneficial Insects

More insects are on your side, than not. There’s an army of beneficial insects willing to help your cause, should you wish it. Parasitic wasps, hoverflies (pictured), bees, bumble bees and ladybirds, praying mantis, spiders, dragonflies, assassin bugs, lacewings, various beetles, frogs and earwigs. They’ll manage pests, pollination and recycling of debris in return for […]