Make a No Dig, Perennial Garden

Densley planted perennials make the easiest care, best looking gardens of all. Herbs, picking flowers, nectar/ pollen rich flowers for bees and beneficials, fruit, natives – you name it!, jam them all in together for a garden that beats out weeds, flowers year round and provides food and medicine. Beautiful and useful – my kinda […]

My Favourite Perennial Companions

Perennials are plants that endure year after year, as opposed to annuals, who live and die in one year. Perennial = Dahlia, Hebe or Sage for example. Annual = Lettuce, Coriander or Zucchini. This different lifeline brings about another difference – the soil around perennials is undisturbed, whereas in the annual vegetable patch, everyday is […]

A Planting Plan to Entice the Beneficial Insects

Beneficial insects are the food gardeners best friend. Prepare to be amazed at the amount of larvae gobbling, pest destroying action going on around you in the micro. Seduce as broad a population of them as you can into your patch and cross pest management off the list. Parasitic wasps, hoverflies, various bees and ladybirds, […]

Raising Really Good Seedlings

When you sow seed and raise seedlings, something magic this way comes. The magic brings wonder (so important in this know-it-all-age, don’t you think), it brings joy. Magic is good, important even; so are seeds. Mainly because they are our dinner, but also because they are our story. Here’s how to raise really good seedlings.1. […]