Oh Brave New World – My Copper Free Orchard

The early plums are bursting out! The bees are in! Mid season plums are on the move! If copper is your thing then get it on as the buds move. Which means right at the beginning while they’re still a ball – at the very first peep-o (blink and you’ll miss it!). Spray again a […]

A Beginners Guide to Pruning Fruit Trees: E Book

This E book is for newbie pruners.  A simple, little book who’s goal is to cover the basics in plain English and provide a clear sense of direction without the usual lofty, complicated pruning book lingo. I hope it’ll give you a confident spring in your step when you go out to prune. It covers […]

From a Notch Springs a Branch

This time last year I wrote you about notching, an old fashioned technique that turns a bud into a branch, on a fruit tree. You do this when there’s a gap in the trees framework and you wish a branch to fill it. (Tree’s don’t always share our vision – a bit of coercion is […]

Loving Wrinkles

The joy of having a stash of homegrown apples is experiencing their changing flavour as they age. It’s a revelation in our smooth, shiny world to bite into a wrinkly, no longer firm to the touch apple. In days gone by it’s just how it was – you grew it, you ate it all up. […]