My Favourite Pruning Tools

The right tools for the job, make all the difference. Loppers This is where you spend the money, if you can. These are industry standard loppers, made right here in Levin. I’ve had these for about 15 years and quite frankly – I expect to be buried with them. The double hinges makes them super […]

How To Prune An Avocado

If there is one thing I’ve learnt over the years teaching pruning, it’s that when I start to talk about old wood, new wood, two year old wood – your mind squeezes shut with fear. So before we begin here today lets relax a little. Just hang with me here while I talk about new […]

June’s Fruit Tree To-Do List: Your Top 5

Woodash + A Beneficial Mow Lightly sprinkle lime or wood ash from the fire, over top of fallen leaves and roughly mow. Leave the clippings where they fall as a wonderful nurture for your orchard floor. Time to Mulch Mulch your trees, preferably with a lovely woody mixture to excite beneficial fungi. You really don’t […]

How to Space Your Fruit Trees

There’s not a gardener alive who hasn’t squashed too many trees into too small an area! Those little wee seedlings defy us to give them space, but give it, we must. There’s a goldilocks point were aiming for here – a balance between fitting as many fruiting trees/ shrubs in as possible without choking up […]