Make a No Dig, Perennial Garden

Densley planted perennials make the easiest care, best looking gardens of all. Herbs, picking flowers, nectar/ pollen rich flowers for bees and beneficials, fruit, natives – you name it!, jam them all in together for a garden that beats out weeds, flowers year round and provides food and medicine. Beautiful and useful – my kinda […]

How to Grow Peas

Peas prefer mild, cool weather – not too hot, not too cold – helloo Autumn! Here in Horowhenua I can sow them Autumn through Spring. When temperatures rise, peas stop/ reduce flower production. Find your own perfect pea moment by trying all the timings. Regular sowings of peas throughout, brings a steady supply of natures […]

March In The Vegie Patch

Clear starry nights, cool, dewy mornings and that special golden hue in the evening sky are all signs that Autumn is moving in. The cooler mornings and nights slowly begin to cool the soil, which in turn slows soil life, cycling out to slow plant growth from now on in. Make the most of the […]

An Easy, Nourishing Winter Food Garden

Today is especially for those of you who dream of eating a fresh picked bowl of goodness, like this one – every day, but have no time to garden. You can do it, if you focus on the most efficient crops – one’s that are highest nutrition for the least effort. Here’s my easy, nourishing […]