Garden Coach: How it Works + Why 20mins is Perfect!

Garden Coaching is a 20minute chat with me, over zoom, to resolve your edible garden woes – fruit trees, vegies, chooks, compost – whatever has you stuck.

20 mins may sound short, but in my many years of guiding gardeners, I’ve figured out that little bites of the apple, work the very best. 20mins is perfectly enough to sort your issue and give you a next step. You’ll be amazed at the ground we cover.

I’m available:

  • Tues + Wed evenings, 6pm – 7.30pm
  • Thurs, 9am – 12pm
  • Every second Sat, 10am – 1pm


  1. Laura Spargo says

    Hi Kath, I heard you interviewed on the radio and was interested in what you said about the community garden volunteers that were successfully growing food for their local foodbank. I am interested to know more – I am involved in both our local foodbank and community garden in Darfield, Canterbury. The community garden struggles to be productive and I wonder if we are spreading ourselves too thin? Would love to find out more. What do you charge for your phone consults, as that may even be an option? Regards, Laura

  2. Tracy Tucker says

    Hi Kath,
    I’ve had terrible trouble this year with whitefly in my vegetable garden and it spread into my flower garden too. I sprayed as I was instructed to by the garden centre I go to and from reading up about whitefly on line….. but I never got rid of them, they just continued and I’m concerned that they will come back next season or worse not go away at all. Help what an I do please?

    • Hey Tracy that’s a big answer but lucky for you I have loads of free info on my site. Use the search bar – put pests in it and boom…. excellent free help for you, so lucky!