And so the seasons turn. Yip the socks are on, the tomatoes are looking haggard and we’re getting ready for garlic planting – Autumn is well and truly here. Two important things for you to ponder this season – shelter and drainage.  I know – boring huh, but really important. A good house needs boring […]

Gardening in a (Tempera)Mental Climate

Greetings Edible Backyarders, Us gardeners get a bit worried about mild winters. No rest for our deciduous plants (friends have blossom on their pear tree!), no break from weeds and pests …  it’s too warm for my liking, but it’s not like I can do anything about it. Every season throws new stuff at us […]

Woolly underwear and a smile will get you through winter

Ahh – winter at last! I love having a cold nose and a warm body, but alas I feel alone in my love of this special season. Are there any other lovers of winter out there? On a cloudy, showery day last week I stood at the lights waiting to cross. The people waiting with […]

Summer Gathering Thank-you Note

A note to say thanks, you wonderful people, for coming along and sharing our day. You made our day special. Me you say? yes you! Because the sum total of all parts equals the whole. You were there, and I was too – and together we made the day a day to remember. My heartfelt […]