Growing Food – your way, and my Spring Workshops

Greetings gardeners, Workshop season’s here again. I’m out and about a bit, as well as at home teaching. Here they are – my spring workshops, my offerings to you and your food garden. There are loads of ways to grow food – take your pick! Square foot, biointensive, no dig …  Permaculture is my favourite […]

Winter’s Mellow Vibe

Greetings food gardeners, I love the winter garden for its mellow vibe, so gentle on my spirits. August is the last of the mellow, the calm before the storm. Create some time to gather and prepare. Getting ready gets your head in the right space, which always helps, don’t you agree? Next month we’ll be […]


And so the seasons turn. Yip the socks are on, the tomatoes are looking haggard and we’re getting ready for garlic planting – Autumn is well and truly here. Two important things for you to ponder this season – shelter and drainage.  I know – boring huh, but really important. A good house needs boring […]

Gardening in a (Tempera)Mental Climate

Greetings Edible Backyarders, Us gardeners get a bit worried about mild winters. No rest for our deciduous plants (friends have blossom on their pear tree!), no break from weeds and pests …  it’s too warm for my liking, but it’s not like I can do anything about it. Every season throws new stuff at us […]