May in the Vegie Patch, Prep Asparagus for Spring + Manure 101

It’s easy when its cold out, to ignore your vegie patch. I mean, plants don’t need watering at this time of year do they? The answer, my friends, is unique to your garden, and is found with your hands and eye.

Keep checking in, even when its cold! Not with a glance at the greenery, but properly, with a handful of soil + a sniff to say hey, how you doing down there?, and in doing so become acutely aware of the levels of moisture in your soil.

This simple practise is one of your best ever garden habits because it’s only when you know the moisture level of your soil that you can water properly, which sometimes means not watering at all. When you’re guided by your soil, it’s easy. And its a big deal because when you water right, it shows up as less pests, less disease and better productivity – your garden, in other words, jumps for joy!

And so will you. Not only because your garden is doing so well, but because you are plugged into the heart of your gardens well being. It’s the best.

Yours in the earth
❤️ Kath


  1. Hi Kath,

    I’ve recently bought a property with a lovely mature orchard that has been maintained with standard sprays, very neat bare rings around trees! I am wanting to use a more holistic approach however I have one cherry tree with what I believe is bacterial canker (lots of oozing sap spots and a bit of die back on tips). I want to try save it, what would you recommend given that the soil is likely to be in pretty poor condition. I was thinking to prune of what i can and a spraying regime with EM… I’m in Oamaru.


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