PB, Nana + Oat Cookies

Kinda like a baked version of bircher meusli, but not only for breakfast – I love these little guys all day long! One bowl, 10 minutes – my go to style. Warm the oven to 180° Mix together 1½ bananas, mashed2Tblspn peanut butter 3Tblspn maple syrup 2Tblspn dairy or plant milk 1tsp vanilla Add 180g […]

Pumpkin + Chocolate Brownie

This divine brownie is from Emma Galloways beautiful vegetarian cookbook “A Year In My Real Food Kitchen.” Dairy free + gluten free, and if you have pumpkin puree to hand (I freeze it in pottles), it’s quick and easy to make. I’ve changed Emma’s flours – she uses a mix of quinoa and rice but […]

Kawakawa + Ginger Tea

Kawakawa has a special place in my heart – it was the first ‘real’ (ie not from a bag) herb tea I ever made many moons ago. Such a powerful healer – 72 medicinal uses according to Murdoch Reilly’s “Maori Healing and Herbal” – and I was at the time healing up from wicked eczema. […]

Roasted Broccoli Millet Salad

This is my kind of feed. Nourishing, simple and so delicious! Salty, roasted broccoli is one of my favs. Serves 2. 1 broccoli, chopped into similar sized pieces4 T good olive oil2c stock – vegetable or chicken 1 c millet (or any grain you like)1 tsp soft butter 1 garlic clove grated finely on a […]