Easy Peasy Compost

Homemade compost is the very best fertility for your vegie garden because its alive, minerally rich and stable. Your plants reflect this by growing steadily + strongly, and the reduction […]

Easy-as Alternatives to Weed Spray

Weeds are, on the whole, not that tricky. Sure there’s a select few that are dynamite, but that’s to be expected given that we live in one of the weediest […]

Managing Weeds: Naturally + Easily

Weeds are on your side. They’ve come to heal the soil from its historical treatment. They do this in many ways – drawing minerals that are missing, soaking up toxins, […]

A Simple Drainage Test

Winter is a telling time in your soil health journey – from now through early spring you get to see your drainage in action. Those of you at the basemap phase of […]