What is humus

Humus is the end result of fully decomposed organic matter (which I like to call OM to save typing.) Humus is Humus is the perfect environment for biology to thrive […]

2 Ways to Transition from Greencrop to Crop

Greencrop’s are your soils secret weapon. How I love them, for the nourishing respite they bring – they’re an important regroup for your soil. A greencrop is the only crop […]

March in the Vegie Patch, Storing Apples + Greencropping

My favourite way to nurture my soil is with homemade compost made mostly with garden waste + greencropping. Put your faith in plants, they know what plants need. Steady growth […]

3 Simple Ways to Revive Soil

In an ideal world, our soils don’t end up hungry and tired. We take care of them in a little and often way so they stay juicy + wormy in […]