Introducing Guilds: The Easy Way to Garden!

A guild is a team of plants, that support, protect and nourish each other, working together for the benefit of all. A guild creates stability and best health because the variety of plants above ground brings a variety of roots and soil life below ground. It’s the smartest way to garden. It’ll save you heaps […]

My 2 Ingredient Biological Liquid Feed

Liquid feed is awesome tonic support for the hard working summer/ autumn garden, and this 2 ingredient biological brew is next level… why? Because its alive my friends! Full of beneficial fungi, bacteria, yeasts and actinomycetes to boost immunity, strengthen cells, outcompete disease causing organisms and overall, strengthen your whole garden. Use it to add […]

Nourishing Winter Vegies, Peas, Harvest Smarts + Storing Apples

Keeping soil in good heart is tough when water has been sparse. By March, soil can be beaten and bruised making it tricky to get hungry winter brassicas planted out. Learning how to keep soil in good nick is the main part of our gardening journey. It takes time! So don’t beat yourself up if […]

Can I Compost Diseased Plant Matter?

Yes! Yes, you can. Nature specialises in detoxifying and outcompeting pathogens. A compost heap is full of life, more than equipped for this job. Visualise a bunch of pac-men zooming about gobbling up the bad guys and you’re not far off it. Further biology enters the fray to decompose it all and return it to […]