Fried Green Tomatoes

A crunchy fried morsel, with a tangy gooey middle to use the last of the green tomatoes and bring you joy. If you haven’t already met – let me introduce you to one of my favourite things… Fried Green Tomatoes For one good sized, green tomato 1 egg1/4 cup of flour1/4 cup of dried breadcrumbs. […]

The Shellout Bean Harvest + A Comforting Bean Stew

The shellout beans are harvested and dried. Those jars of pretty beans in the pantry are my most satisfying preserve. From an easy to grow, harvest + preserve crop comes a very meaningful store of fibre and protein. Have a go next year, you wont be disappointed. A comforting bean stew This is yum. Such […]

Boozy, roasted stonefruit

Such a yum dessert and always popular with visitors who without fail want to know how to make it. You’d think such deliciousness was tricky, but this dessert is super quick to cobble together. Make it in the morning and leave the fruits to macerate in those yummy slightly boozy juices all day. The recipe […]

Tomato onion pie

This here is one of my all time favourite summer dinners. Add a salad and a baked potato or some fresh fish or a good sausie. Mmmmm, life is good. 2 finely sliced onions 6 or so good sized, very ripe, thick sliced tomatoes 50g cubed butter a good handful of grated cheese 3 slices […]