Delicious Dried Apples

dried apples

Our own dried apples are a family favourite. The ones you see here are Captain Kidd’s – they’re something special.

This simple preserve is what I turn to when faced with kilos of harvest, drying is wonderfully simple and more to the point, well loved by the clan. I can never dry enough. This is how I use up the fruit with bird pecks, no stalks or bruises – these fruits wont store. Its a good idea to process them pretty soon after harvest.

Here’s how

There’s no need to peel apples for drying, but its good to wipe off any bird do’s. Eewww. Core the apples.

Make a bowl of lemony water up – this stops the apples from browning. 1 litre water + 3 tablespoon of either lemon juice or vinegar.

If you have a mandoline, set it up on top of the lemony water and slice the apples right into it. If not, slice as thinly as you can (about 5mm) and get the apples under water before they brown.

Shake off excess water and lay slices side by side on the trays of the drier. They’ll shrink as they dry so no need to leave big gaps.

Turn the dehydrator off after 6 – 8 hours and once the fruit’s cooled, check for doneness. I often do a second little burst – it seems dry but as it cools, rehydrates a little.

Store in sterilised glass jars. Fruit dried this way will easily last 12 months, no mould in sight.


  1. Graeme Siddle says

    Have you posted the right message for April 2022?

    • Ah no – we mucked our welcome message up this month Graeme! Such alot of checks and balances and work goes into our newsletter and every now and then we make a mistake. Just gotta let it go and hope May will be on task 🙂

  2. Ruth Harrison says

    Hi Kath, I love this idea – do you have any thoughts/tips on what sort of dehydrator to buy?

  3. Ruth Harrison says

    Thats really helpful, thanks so much Kath