April in the Vegie Patch + Step by step to perfectly fed soil

In this months newsletter, I’m pretty excited to share with you “Step by step to a perfectly fed soil.” Perfect in this case, means just right – not too much, […]

OM is Your Gardens Guardian Angel

Gathering organic matter (OM for short), is your best ever garden habit! With a variety of ready to use matter at hand, you are only 10minutes away from creating a […]

February in the Vegie Patch, Simple Soil Revivers + Summer Pruning

In a perfect world, our soils don’t end up hungry and tired at the end of summer, but often they are. Hey, it happens, life happens! And this month I […]

January in the Vegie Patch, Feed Citrus + Start A Vegie Garden

Timing is everything! Plant crops out at the temperature they love, and away they zoom! Thing is – your timings are unique to your particular micro climate. Use mine as […]