Get Your Greenhouse Ready Set To Grow

I love this bit – the getting-set-up-to-grow bit, as much as I do the growing. Prepping the soil, working out whats growing where, building frames… it’s good work. Besides which, being all ready to go at planting time is the cats pajamas. My August greenhouse mission goes like this Clean the roof and walls. I […]

Apple Pudding Pots

A quick winters pudding – hot, apple-y goodness. From Caralee Caldwell’s “Real Food Everyday” recipe book. 2 small red apples 1/2c coconut milk 1/4c coconut flour 2 eggs 4 Tblspns maple syrup or rice malt syrup 2 Tblspns melted coconut oil or butter 1 tspn cinnamon Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Grease 4 ramekins […]

Winter’s Slow Vibe

I love winter. Crunchy frosts that kill pests and sweeten parsnips. The delight of peeling off wet weather clothes and coming in to the fire. The small triumph of having done what needs be done no matter what the weather. Continuity of harvest is my inspiration here. Keeping that best food coming in is what […]

Pruning Cuts Explained + How To Prune Feijoas

Before you prune anything, I want you to understand two types of pruning cuts. What a difference to your fruit trees when you give up heading and get thinning! Excerpt from ” Pruning Fruit Trees: A Beginners Guide“ Two Types of Pruning Cuts Thinning is the removal of a whole shoot or branch, taking it […]