April In The Vegie Patch

When to Call it Quits Winter draws ever closer, and tough choices need to be made. Do you have enough room for all your winter crops or does something have to give. Is it time for summer crops to go? And time is of the essence people, anytime soon the weather will turn and the […]

What To Do When Citrus Loose Their Leaves

Oh the grief! My once glorious lime, provider of bounteous fruits winter through spring, has defoliated. It was the endless rain that did it. The final straw, 120mm of rain in 5 days. My lime dropped it’s leaves in disgust. So sad. Here’s my R&M plan A layer of lovely homemade compost. Don’t go nuts […]

When Summer Doesn’t Come, Make A Plan B

To cheer myself up last week, I lit the bonfire while I gardened. It was such a gloomy day. It was mid summer, and I was gardening in jeans. The fire lifted my spirits. For those of us out west and south, this is not a normal February in the garden. Normally we’d be drowning […]

Sharing The Gift Of Food Gardening With Our Kids

November brings a delightful task my way – judging vegie gardens for our local Ag day. I love chatting with kids about their gardens – what they’ve discovered and created, what they’ve loved (peas and strawberries!), what’s mystified them and what they’ve hated (weeding and radish!). There are some astounding young food gardeners out there […]