For The Joy Of It

  From pure joy springs all creation. Mundaka Upanishad Here’s to the joy food gardening brings! The community it inspires. The wellness that rises up in its wake. Complete wellness. Inside and out. Yours in the earth, Kath

Spring Happenings At Edible Backyard

We’ve left the quiet of winter and landed in the excitement of spring. And there is cool (but mostly I hope helpful) stuff happening here at Edible Backyard! Bountiful Spring Workshop  Citrus, vegies, fruit trees – all in name of a bounty! October Open Day + Fruitful Fruit Tree talk  Enjoy my garden and find […]

Loving Winter

I’m loving this winter. These still, beautiful days. The air so clear and vital in my lungs, the light so crisp, little bits of  cheeky pretty dotting the garden, the last leaves falling in the orchard… Inspiring. Uplifting. Goodness. 2 bits of excitement Check this out – someone gave me a medal!, and I’m a […]

Today In My Garden (A Few Of My Favourites)