How To Plant Fruit Trees (And Bravely Prune Them)

Put a $10 tree in a $20 hole! Dig Dig a 20 litre hole If you are on clay, puncture the bottom of your hole by pushing your garden fork in as far as it will go If you are on sand line the bottom of your hole with wet newspaper Mix the original soil […]

The Perfect Raspberry Frame

This here is the raspberry frame I wish I’d made. Seeing it in action the summer after we’d built ours was bad luck for us, but hopefully not too late for you! Create two rows, 400mm apart using 1.8 waratah’s on an angle at each end of the row to make a “v” shape. Make […]

Honey Vanilla Sesame Shortbreads

So fudgey, so good. Cookie love. Honey Vanilla Sesame Shortbreads A recipe from the wonderful Kelly Gibney 75grams soft butter, at room temperature 2cups ground almonds 1tsp vanilla 2 pinches of salt 4 Tblspns of honey 1/4 cup sesame seeds Preheat oven to 160°C Whizz all the ingredients in the processor Grease a baking tray […]

Kumara and Ginger Loaf

June is the perfect month for this kind of baking. Dense, moist and gingery – its just the thing to make a grey day bright. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Steam or roast 2 large kumara (a great use for leftover roasties), and puree. 11/2cups of kumara puree 75g melted butter or coconut oil […]