Hurrah, An Open Day!

We fling our gates open on the 25th March 10am – 1pm, for our Autumn Open Day. Click here for all the info.  Come along – take a load off, relax! Enjoy the fruit and the flowers and fill up on inspiration! There will be tea, coffee and yummy cakey bits for sale, or feel […]

What To Do When Citrus Loose Their Leaves

Oh the grief! My once glorious lime, provider of bounteous fruits winter through spring, has defoliated. It was the endless rain that did it. The final straw, 120mm of rain in 5 days. My lime dropped it’s leaves in disgust. So sad. Here’s my R&M plan A layer of lovely homemade compost. Don’t go nuts […]

Taking The Abundant Vegie Patch On The Road

The Abundant Vegie Patch is is such a fab workshop, I’d love to take it on the road and share it around the country. Would you like to host it? To host it you need an organic vegie garden with room enough for 20 people to be in an undercover space that can comfortable fit […]

A Different Kind Of Harvest

Here is my one climbing bean. Hilarious! I’d given up on the climbers – they kept rotting in all the rain, so I grew dwarf beans in the greenhouse instead. I discovered one-bean when I went to remove the climbing frame. Such determination – I couldn’t possibly pull it out!  I wonder how much of […]