The Perfect Raspberry Frame

rasperry trellis

Create two rows, 400mm apart using 1.8 waratah’s on an angle at each end of the row to make a “v” shape. Make it 400mm ish at the base, opening out to 1m ish at the top. Attach a wire (with a turnbuckle for future tensioning) at about 1.2 from the ground. This is what you tie the canes to. Because of the angle, the tensioned wire and the weight of raspberries – strainer wires anchoring the waratahs to the ground, would probably be smart, but I haven’t got round to it yet.

There is alot going for this system (called a V trellis).

  • Makes the most of the space – being able to take the canes to two sides
  • Opens the canes out for really good light distribution and airflow
  • The new primocanes grow up in the middle – so you don’t have to fight your way through them to pick berries in the summer
  • Very easy to manage, healthy system
  • Very easy and cheap to put together.

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