July In The Vegie Patch, How To Prune Raspberries + Winter Wisdom

Winter comes but once a year, and with it comes a golden opportunity to deepen your understanding of your landscape. Take it I say! From the edges to the centre – there are degrees of light and shadow at any one time, and timing really is everything. Shady by itself means not much, but when you attach a time of day and a month to it, it becomes meaningful – something you can use to make sound decisions about what to plant and where.

“Learn Your Winter Landscape” is a super useful article, especially for those of you new to land or new to gardening. A basic list of plants and buildings that need winter sun and those that are happy without will help you organise your garden well. What a difference when we situate our plants in their happy place!

I’ve given “How To Prune Raspberries” a make over, zhushed it up to include answers to the raspberry FAQ’s I get. I hope, as always, that it helps as you head out with your secateurs. Which you definitely should because pruning berries makes the wickedest difference – bigger berries and more of them, even though you’ve taken canes away!

Yours in the earth, ❤️

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