Homemade Chilli Flakes

These are one of the easiest, but most useful preserves ever.
I mean how useful are chilli flakes!

String of chillis drying at edible backyard

For simple electricity + appliance free dried chillis, simply string them up. Thread a needle and poke it through the meaty bit by the stalk. Hang them away from sunlight.

For a jar of home grown, next level chilli flakes you need an oven or dehydrator .

Chillis going into the dehydrator

Chop the tops off and slice the chillis in half. Lay them on trays and turn the dehydrator on low.

To use the oven, go for your lowest setting and prop the door open to ease the heat a bit. It’s really easy to burn them, so keep your eye out. Slower is always better.

Chillis finished drying

Dry them until they snap in half.

Break the dry chillis up roughly into the processor

Break or chop them roughly before putting them into the food processor.

Chilli flakes!

Then pulse them until they’re flakey. You could keep going if you like and make powder. And word to the wise, let the dust settle before opening the lid!