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Homemade Seed Raising Mix

Knowing how to make your own seed raising mix is, I reckon, an essential skill. It means that no matter what, you can always sow seed and in this way, […]

September in the Vegie Patch, How to Grow Potatoes + Homemade Seed Raising Mix

Spring in the vegie garden is super exciting, but it can also be overwhelming – where to start?! If you are a beginner or squeezed for garden time, stick to […]

The Perfect Soil Temperature for Seeds + Seedlings

A huge part of vegie growing success, is learning the preferred soil temperature for sowing and planting each crop. When you get this right – your crops boost away. There’s […]

Raising Really Good Seedlings

Really good seedlings are an important part of an abundant garden. If your seedlings are strong and healthy, the grown ups will be too. It takes a bit of dedication […]