Winter’s Slow Vibe

frosty morningI love winter. Crunchy frosts that kill pests and sweeten parsnips. The delight of peeling off wet weather clothes and coming in to the fire. The small triumph of having done what needs be done no matter what the weather. Continuity of harvest is my inspiration here. Keeping that best food coming in is what has me don my woolies (that and ants in my pants!). Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean the food garden stops, but it does slow right on down.

Cold, dark mornings + short days, makes winter the perfect season to take a break. I’m gonna roll with it and put a pause on consults until September. 8 wonderful weeks to get right side up (apres the Pruning book, chaos reigns round here!). Spend some time in my own garden, with my neglected friends and maybe even myself :).

Yours in the earth,