The easiest wormfarm ever!

Trenched foodscraps up the centre of the broccoli bed

A wormfarm in the ground – almost too simple to be true! No plastic, no complicated management; just nature unfolding (and the joy of finding yet another effective shortcut to ease your life).

Trenching foodscraps direct in your soil is a really easy way to recycle foodscraps in those times when the wormfarm is full, when life is super busy or you had loads of guests and need a quick fix. 

Make a shallow trench (like a gutter), in your chosen spot, fill with food waste and cover with a thin layer of dirt. The idea is a long thin strip close to the top, so it is quickly dispersed into the soil by our friends the worms.

Where and when to trench foodscraps

  • As part of your bed preps for hungry crops like corn, pumpkins or brassicas, trench them up the centre of the bed.
  • To boost a bed as needed, a strip of food scraps up the middle does wonders.
  • To boost citrus, avocado or rhubarb, around the outside edge, beneath the mulch.

At the minute I’m trenching in my greenhouse, progressively along the centre of each bed as I prepare for the coming season. I’m also using emptying the scrap bucket into my pre pumpkin compost piles. My next port of call will be my poor storm smashed citrus as I try to bring them back to life.