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The Broadbeans Have Spots!

Chocolate spot is a broadbean thing that typically happens at this time of year. Like rust is a celery thing, or black spot an apple thing – all crops have a thing they do when life’s not completely to their liking. And in my case it’s sprung forth in the wet, humid conditions created by […]

Help, My Tomato Has Wilted!

There’s nothing sadder than a crop gone awry, all that love and care down the tubes. In this case we have a wilted (past the point of recovery) tomato. When something goes awry in the vegie patch look to the obvious things first (I know how you love to declare phytophthora). Has your tomato dried […]

Introducing Guilds: The Easy Way to Garden!

A guild is a team of plants, that support, protect and nourish each other, working together for the benefit of all. A guild creates stability and best health because the variety of plants above ground brings a variety of roots and soil life below ground. It’s the smartest way to garden. It’ll save you heaps […]

How to Grow Peas

Peas prefer mild, cool weather – not too hot, not too cold – helloo Autumn! Here in Horowhenua I can sow them Autumn through Spring. When temperatures rise, peas stop/ reduce flower production. Find your own perfect pea moment by trying all the timings. Regular sowings of peas throughout, brings a steady supply of natures […]