Of Lemon Tree Borer And Puriri Grubs

puriri moth holeThis hole in my Tydemans Late Apple shows a puriri larvae is in occupancy. That vertical scar and diamond shaped hole is the giveaway. Things that drill into the trunks of your trees, eating the wood as they go – are not your friends. Even if they are as beautiful as a puriri moth.

Lemon Tree borer is another native tree trunk invader that many of you will be oh so familiar with. They are responsible for the holes with sawdusty entrances, in the trunks/ branches of your lemon trees (any tree infact). Those grubs are feeding on your trees – one fibre at a time.

Get onto it and save your trees with this very simple (and kinda fun) solution.

You need three things

  • A syringe – $5 at your chemist
  • A bottle of kerosene
  • Blutak

Fill the syringe with kero and shoot it into the hole.

puriri moth hole injected


Plug it with blutak.

puriri moth hole plugged






  1. Bernadine says:

    under plant with peppermint geranium also seems to deter the lemon borer and great against codling moth.