How To Plant Kumara Shoots

kumara shoot

Now that the shoots are 20cm or so its time for them to leave mum and go make their own babies. Planting time is upon us!

Get yourself ready with a small bucket of weak seaweed or fish or comfrey solution.

kumara mother

Tip the sandbox out carefully so as not to break any of the new shoots. Hold the kumara and carefully peel the shoots off. If a bit of the mother sticks to the bottom of the shoot, break it off (disease prevention 101). Put the shoots into the liquid feed as you go (its important they don’t dry out). You can hold them in this container for a few days.

Plant them into your prepared bed (no digging and no rich compost) by bending the bottom of the shoot in the shape of a “j”. The front of the “j” facing north.

If it’s cool at your place make ridges to plant into and cover with black plastic on top of the soil or a cloche over top of the bed. Bits of seaweed or comfrey laid beneath the shoots is a winner winner, chicken dinner.

Give the kumara bed a good soak and pour a can of liquid seaweed over. Pile up lots of lovely mulch, unless you’ve got a black plastic mulch.

Slugbait is a good idea.