Beware the Broody Chook!

broody chookBeware the broody chook as spring fever sets in! You’ll know shes broody because she will still be sitting in the nesting box in the evening and when you try to get her off she’ll fluff up her feathers and growl at you. You can either shock her out of feeling broody by putting her into the broody box, or tuck her up somewhere safe and let her have it. Either way you need to get her out of the chook house so she stops scaring the others away from the nesting box. The length of time she has been broody for is how long she will take to get back to laying.

A broody box is a cruel looking thing. It’s goal to cool your chook down and stop her snuggling down to nest. It’s not all bad – there is fresh water and a bowl of grains, a roof even; but the floor is made of reinforcing wire, so its three days of standing up.

There are other nastier ways of getting the broody out of the chook from hobbling one leg, to holding in icy cold water, to hanging in a sack (good grief), so perhaps a broody box aint so bad! I know, its tough (and I can feel the emails coming on), but if you can’t bear the thought of your lovely chook standing for 3 days then let her be broody. Just put her somewhere cosy and safe to sit it out. Keep her fed and watered and in about 3 weeks she’ll be up and about and over it. The cost for your kindness will be another 3 weeks to come back to lay.