Natural Remedies for Worms in Chickens

Sweetie (chook on the left) has a dirty behind – a possible sign of worms. If I get in quick, I can save the day with herbs! Chickens go downhill […]

Be Kind to Your Broody Chooks

Springtime means babies, and heritage chooks hear natures call to nest and hatch. Sitting on eggs in hope, is called being broody and some varieties feel the urge stronger than […]

Late Winter in the Chook-yard

Each season brings a new slant to the chookyard. In late winter, the ground is often saturated, the air cold and light is low. We are called to ensure our […]

Save Your Chooks From Red Mites

Red mites are tiny 1mm bird parasites, that proliferate in the heat. They live in cracks in the walls of the chookhouse by day, and come out at night to […]