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Easy fertility! Reduce your compost needs

Homemade compost is the ultimate soil food – safe from herbicide/ pesticide/ fungicide residue and full of life! It may seem daunting to make all your own, but with a […]

Easy peasy compost: A good setup

The trick to easily made composts is to have all the ingredients on hand, the bins close by the vegie patch and a hose near by. Easy peasy! 2 types […]

Easy Peasy Compost

Homemade compost is the very best fertility for your vegie garden because its alive, minerally rich and stable. Your plants reflect this by growing steadily + strongly, and the reduction […]

An Autumn Compost is a Strong Start to a Spring Bed

Autumn is heaven for compost makers, there’s heaps of stuff begging to be composted. Make use of all of it – dont throw it away!, and prep for spring planting […]